How many credits is a minor at FSU?

How many credits is a minor at FSU?

twelve credit hours
Program Information Each minor consists of twelve credit hours as detailed below. All courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better, and at least six of the twelve credit hours must be completed at Florida State University.

How do I add a minor to FSU?

COSSPP students can declare their minor or concentration through our online declarations form. If your major is not in the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy, contact the academic advisor for your major for more information on how you should declare a minor.

Does Florida State have a dance minor?

All BFA, MA (Studio and Related Studies) and MFA students who wish to major in dance must audition for admission into the dance program. Students may be admitted into the major as early as the freshman year.

What are the Gen Ed Requirements for FSU?

Fifteen (three credit hours from each category) of the thirty-six General Education credits must be earned from the five Statewide General Education Core requirement categories (at FSU, these are: English Composition, Quantitative and Logical Thinking, Social Sciences/History, Humanities and Cultural Practice/Ethics.

How do minors work FSU?

A minor in History consists of 12 hours beyond the Liberal Studies requirement in history courses numbered above the 2999 level. A grade of C- or higher must be earned in each course counted toward the minor. At least 6 of these hours must be earned at FSU.

How is FSU GPA calculated?

How Does FSU Calculate gpa? FSU Calculate GPA by adding up all the grade points you have earned and dividing by the total amount of credit hours earned. To convert your FSU GPA, (grade point average) on a 4.0 scale. you need to know your top-grade which is an A+ and it equals a 4.25 scale.

Do you have to apply for a minor at FSU?

A formal application is required. For more information and to see the complete requirements, please visit here or contact Dr. Sindy Chapa at [email protected] . A minor in History consists of 12 hours beyond the Liberal Studies requirement in history courses numbered above the 2999 level.

What percent of students get a job after graduation at FSU?

Of the college’s graduating seniors, 94.6% (1,408 responding graduating seniors) sought employment after graduation with 83% (258 responding graduating seniors) of the remaining graduates seeking to continue their education. Below is the percentage of job offers for graduating seniors who sought employment by major.

How many credits is a minor?

The exact number of classes may vary by major and school, but typically students can expect to log upward of 30 credit hours. By contrast, minors generally require 18 credit hours or more, typically in the six- to seven-course range. Read: What a College Major Is and How It Can Shape Your Future. ]

How many credits do you need to graduate from FSU?

120 units
120 units minimum All college degrees require at least 120 units to graduate; a few programs (Music, Engineering) require more. Most college courses are 3 units and most labs are 1–2 units.

How many credits are gen eds?

How many gen ed classes do you need to take? While the number of gen ed classes you’re required to take varies depending on the school, most colleges require undergraduates to take at least 40 credits of gen ed.

What are the requirements for a minor in law and philosophy?

At least six (6) semester hours must be at the 3000 level or above. Students must receive a letter grade of “C-” or better in all courses that count toward the minor. Minor in Law and Philosophy. Twelve (12) semester hours in philosophy are required for the minor, including: Logic (3 semester hours).

What grades do you need to minor in business at FSU?

At least two of the four business courses must be taken at FSU. Grades below C- will not apply toward the minor. Upon completion of the required courses, students may apply for certification of completion of the minor in person in the College of Business Undergraduate Office, Room 328 Rovetta Business Building.

What classes do I need to take to get a minor credit?

The student must take at least one Computational Science Algorithms course (ISC42220 or ISC4221 (4)) as well as a Computational Science course from approved list. Students must also satisfy stated prerequisites before enrolling in each course accepted for minor credit. Grades below C- will not be accepted for minor credit.