How many episodes of Detective Conan are there?

How many episodes of Detective Conan are there?

There are currently 900+ episodes that have already aired, all the while still remaining an ongoing series. The popularity threshold that Detective Conan has obtained over the years invoked the creation of Live Action Series, Movies, OVAs (Original Video Animation) and TV Specials which include Magic Kaito.

When does the story take place in Edogawa Conan?

This story takes place 100 days before Kudo Shinichi became Edogawa Conan. Kudo Shinichi, a high school detective, arrives in Jugoya Town with Mori Ran and others.

Who are Conan and Mouri ran?

His childhood friend and classmate, Mouri Ran, and her hare-brained private investigator father take Conan in. Trapped in a puny body, Conan solves crimes, sometimes aided by the kids in the Junior Detective League and the inventions of his old friend, Dr. Agasa.

Is there anything new in the Lupin III vs Detective Conan Magic File?

No new material in this Magic File, which only contained episodes 132-134, 196, 266-268, and 291-293. Lupin III vs Detective Conan (ルパン三世VS名探偵コナン) is a crossover work of Lupin III and Detective Conan (aka Case Closed): Something is rotten in the Kingdom of Vespania.

Is there a Lupin III vs Detective Conan crossover?

Lupin III vs Detective Conan (ルパン三世VS名探偵コナン) is a crossover work of Lupin III and Detective Conan (aka Case Closed): Something is rotten in the Kingdom of Vespania. Queen Sakura and her son Prince Gill have died in a suspicious hunting accident. Such shocking tragedy become widespread on the news around the world.

When did detdetective Conan start broadcasting movies?

Detective Conan Movies began broadcasting every year starting from April 19, 1997 to April 13, 2018. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Let’s Go Luna!

What is detdetective Conan?

Detective Conan is about a teenage detective, who gets turned into a child and continues solving cases like that.

What is the 8th Detective Conan movie called?

Detective Conan Movie 8 of the movie series. 9. Detective Conan: Strategy Above the Depths (2005) Error: please try again. A murder was committed on a ship. To solve the case, Conan will need to open a case from 15 years ago. Detective Conan Movie 9 of the movie series.

What is Detective Conan the Private Eyes Requiem (2006)?

Detective Conan: The Private Eyes’ Requiem (2006) Error: please try again. Conan and Kogoro Mori was tasked to solve a crime on a given time. The lives of their loved ones (as well as their own) are on the line. Solving the mystery means saving everyone.

Detective Conan, released as Case Closed in English, is a very long-running anime and manga series. Seriously, with over 600 episodes, it’s currently at 11th place in terms of total number of anime episodes, and having just surpassed 800 issues, it’s in 25th place in terms of manga volumes.

Who are the characters in Detective Conan?

The main protagonist of the Detective Conan series, Shinichi Kudo, and the protagonist of the Magic Kaito series, Kaito Kuroba are also similar. Hundreds of minor characters have been created and are always given backgrounds, motives, and personalities that put them under suspicion during the investigation.

What is Detective Conan?

Detective Conan. Detective Conan (名探偵 コナン Meitantei Konan), is a crime manga series. This comic is written by Gosho Aoyama . The series began in 1994. The manga series has been made into an anime television show. It has been on the air from 1996 to the present time. Detective Conan is about a teenage detective named Shinichi Kudo ,…