How many studio albums have the Jonas Brothers released?

How many studio albums have the Jonas Brothers released?

The Jonas Brothers have released four studio albums, three extended plays, three live albums, four soundtrack albums, seventeen singles, seven promotional singles, nineteen music videos and other album appearances.

What songs do the Jonas Brothers have on Apple Music?

Jonas Brothers on Apple Music Runaway (feat. Jonas Brothers) From sold-out stadiums to the big screen, JoBros are pop royalty. On screen, the pop dynamos never fail to charm—or make us giggle. Runaway (feat. Jonas Brothers) – Single Send It On (feat. Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana & Selena Gomez) – Single

How did the Jonas Brothers get famous?

The Jonas Brothers moved to a Disney label for their eponymous sophomore album in 2007 and started a run of appearances on Disney Channel shows, including the now-legendary Camp Rock, earning the JoBros teen fans around the world.

What was the first Jonas Brothers song in 2007?

Year 3000 was the first single from Jonas Brothers and is a cover of the Busted song. Hold On was the second single from Jonas Brothers and was released on May 22, 2007.

Are the Jonas Brothers still together 2019?

Older and wiser, they reunited in 2019 with the documentary Chasing Happiness and their fifth studio album, Happiness Begins. The young New Jersey natives (while readying their 2006 debut, brothers Joe, Kevin, and Nick Jonas topped out at 16, 17, and 13, respectively) were reared in the city of Wyckoff under the tutelage of musical

What year did the Jonas Brothers release year 3000?

A sample of “Year 3000″ by Jonas Brothers, serviced as the lead single from Jonas Brothers. Previously released in 2006 by Columbia from the album It’s About Time”, their hit single “Year 3000” was re-released by Hollywood Records in March 12, 2007.