How many syns are mikado sticks?

How many syns are mikado sticks?

My world of slimming daily diary – Mikado sticks 1/2 SYN each,I’m having 9=4.5 Syns πŸ‘πŸΌ | Facebook.

What’s the best chocolate to have on slimming world?


  • Cadbury Amaze Bites, Chocolate Orange 14 pack (17g each) – 4.
  • Cadbury Amaze Bites, Double Chocolate 14 pack (17g each) – 4.
  • Cadbury Big Taste Dairy Milk Choco Biscuit Crunch 300g bar (each chunk) – 2.5.
  • Cadbury Big Taste Dairy Milk Oreo Crunch 300g bar (each chunk) – 2.5.

How many SYNS are in Pocky?

Pocky – 0.5 syns per stick Having said that, the whole box works out at roughly 11 syns so you could actually have it and still stay within your allowance!

How many Mikado sticks come in a box?

Mikado is a thin, crunchy biscuit stick coated in milk chocolate, with one end left uncoated for holding. Pack sizes include a 39g box containing 17 sticks or a 75g box containing 33 sticks, both with flip-top openings.

What is the lowest syn chocolate on slimming world?

Low syn chocolate bars and low syn chocolates Twirl 34g (from multipack) – 9 syns, treat-size 14g – 3.5 syns. Flake 25.6g – 6.5 syns. Cadbury Buttons 14.4g treat size pack – 4 syns, 24g bag – 6.5 syns, 2 giant buttons for 1.5 syns. Crunchie 32g bar – 7.5 syns, 40g bar – 9.5 syns, treat size 17.5g – 4 syns.

How many SYNS is a bounty?

How many syns in a Bounty? A standard 57g bar is 14 syns, the Protein Bounty however at 60g is just 11 syns so worth looking out for!

How many SYNS are skinny whips?

Skinny Whip Bars 5 Syns In regards to slimming world syns each bar only costs 5, 5 syns a bar is nothing when you find out how amazing they taste, perfect for when you’re on the go, at work or just in a hurry.

How many SYNS is a pink wafer?

Rediscovered these at the weekend, Pink Panther wafers! 2 syns each…. available in most supermarkets.

How many calories are in one Mikado?


Typical Values 100 g %* / 25 g (11 x Biscuits)
Fat 19 g 7 %
of which Saturates 12 g 15 %
Carbohydrate 68 g 7 %
of which Sugars 35 g 10 %

Are Mikado sticks Japanese?

In conclusion we say that yes, Mikado is Pocky, it’s made under licence, albeit in Europe, instead of Japan, Thailand or China.

How many SYNS is 100 calories?

100 Calories is the equivilant of approx. 5 Syns.. It might not sound much but if you can burn 100 calories per day or around 3 times a week you will find that it aids your weight loss in a massive way.

How many SYNS is a 2 finger Kitkat?

a two finger kit kat is 5 syns and that takes away my chocolate sweet cravings.

Are there any Slimming World friendly chocolate products?

On this page you will find an extensive list of Slimming World friendly chocolate products produced by various supermarket chains and brands. The chocolate listed is 12 Syns and under only.

What is discover Mikado?

Discover Mikado: a crunchy biscuit sticks covered with deliciously smooth chocolate! Home Terms of Use Cookies Notice Β© 2018 MondelΔ“z International. All Rights Reserved

How many Syns are in a slimming world HiFi Bar?

Slimming World Chocolate Hifi Bar – 3 Syns (or 2 As Healthy Extra) Slimming World Rocky Road Hifi Bar – 3 Syns (or 2 As Healthy Extra) Slimming World Chocolate macaroon Hifi bar – 3 Syns (or 2 As Healthy Extra)

How much chocolate is in an Aldi Belmont white chocolate finger?

Aldi Belmont White Chocolate Fingers 125g pack (each) – 1 Aldi Choceur Almond Milk Chocolate 200g bar (25g) – 7.5 Aldi Choceur Almond Milk Chocolate 200g bar (each rectangle) – 8.5 Aldi Choceur Alpine Milk Bar 100g bar (25g) – 6.5 Aldi Choceur Belgian Chocolate Waves, Caramel 125g pack (25g) – 7