How much do GP registrars earn?

How much do GP registrars earn?

full-time GP registrar. per year, plus 10% superannuation. This amounts to $1,935.46 per 38-hour-week, or $50.93 per hour.

How much does an ST1 doctor earn?

The average salary for a ST1 Doctor is £48,879 per year in London Area, which is 4% lower than the average NHS salary of £51,423 per year for this job.

How much does an FY1 doctor earn?

FY1 Doctor in London Area Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
NHS FY1 Doctor salaries – 8 salaries reported London Area £31,469/yr
NHS England FY1 Doctor salaries – 2 salaries reported London Area £32,954/yr
King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust FY1 Doctor salaries – 2 salaries reported London Area £32,770/yr

What is a GPST1 doctor?

GP Speciality Trainees On completion of the two Foundation Years after leaving medical school, doctors can make a choice of which speciality they would to pursue as a career. For convenience the first year is termed General Practice Speciality Training 1 (GPST1), the second year GPST2 etc.

What is the salary of a junior doctor in UK?

The basic pay scales for junior doctors in training in England. There are two national pay scales which doctors in training in England may be paid under depending on their contract of employment….Foundation doctors.

Scale Foundation doctor year 1 Foundation doctor year 2
2 28,114 35,056

Is a registrar a junior doctor?

Junior doctors are qualified doctors in clinical training….Junior doctor.

Common titles for junior doctors Descriptions
SpR Specialty registrar in a hospital specialty
GPST Specialty registrar in general practice
SHO Senior house officer

What is a CT2 doctor?

CT1, CT2, CT3. This refers to a “core trainee” or a doctor who is at the start of an uncoupled specialty training programme. After this core training element is complete, the doctor can go on to pursue higher training in their chosen specialty.

What band is a junior doctor NHS?

Table 1 Junior Doctor Basic Pay (2016 contract)….The Complete Guide To NHS Pay For Doctors.

Band Average Amount & Nature of Hours x Basic Pay
3 >56 hours/week or not achieving the required rest 2.0
2A 48 – 56 hours/week, most antisocially 1.8
2B 48 – 56 hours/week, least antisocially 1.5
1A 40 – 48 hours/week, most antisocially 1.5

How much will I take home if I earn 29000?

£29000 After Tax 2019

Gross Income £29,000.00 £2,416.67
Tax £3,300.00 £275.00
National Insurance £2,444.16 £203.68
Student Loan £0.00 £0.00
Take Home Net Salary £23,255.84 £1,937.99

What band are FY1 doctors?

Foundation doctors and special registrars (including GP trainees)

Grade Nodal point Value £
CT1-CT2 3 39,467
CT3 4 50,017
ST1-2 3 39,467
ST3-5 4 50,017

What does GPST3 mean?

as a specialty trainee year 3 (GPST3) doctor in general practice.

Is Dr higher than MR?

In most other parts of the world all medical practitioners, physicians and surgeons alike, are referred to as Dr while in the UK surgeons are usually referred to as Mr/Miss/Ms/Mrs. The possession of this degree, a doctorate, entitled them to the title of ‘Doctor of Medicine’ or Doctor.

What is the current pay increase for a GS-13?

2019 GS Pay Raise: This year, the General Schedule base payscale received a 1.4% across-the-board pay raise. A GS-13 Step 3 federal employee would receive an effective raise of $1,129.00 in 2019, from $80,670.00 per year (based on the 2018 GS base table) to $81,799.00 per year.

How much does a GS-13 Step 3 make in 2021?

A GS-13 Step 3 federal employee would receive an effective raise of $839.00 in 2021, from $83,927.00 per year (based on the 2020 GS base table) to $84,766.00 per year. the U.S. Federal Employment Statistics

What is the General Schedule (GS) PayScale?

The General Schedule (GS) payscale is the federal government payscale used to determine the salaries of over 70% of federal civilian employees. An employee’s base pay depends on two factors – the GS Paygrade of their job, and the Paygrade Step they have achieved (depending on seniority or performance).

How is base pay calculated for the 2021 General Schedule pay?

The 2021 GS base pay table is displayed below. To determine actual pay, base pay is modified by a “Locality Pay Adjustment” percentage, which is specified by whichever of the 34 General Schedule pay localities in which the employee is located.