How much do Nordic Tugs cost?

How much do Nordic Tugs cost?

How much do Nordic Tug boats cost? Nordic Tug boats for sale on Boat Trader are offered at a range of prices, valued from $114,950 on the more economical boat models all the way up to $114,950 for the more costly models.

Are Nordic Tugs good boats?

The Nordic Tug 49 is a big boat, well suited for living aboard and cruising for months, although still easily handled by a couple with its bow and stern thrusters. For those looking for a big boat capable of serious coastal cruising, in a rugged, well-built boat made in the U.S., this should make the short list.

Are Nordic tugs still being built?

It no longer is built because Nordic Tugs, like other production builders, found that smaller boats cost more to construct than they would fetch on the recreational market. Husted learned about that years ago when he built a Nordic sailing dinghy and offered it at $2,500.

How much does a Nordic Tug 42 cost?

Nordic Tugs’ new 42, designed by Lynn Senour, features a redesigned pilothouse and a more comfortable interior. The goal was to give the 42 a high level of liveability to equal its cruiseability. The boat as tested carried a retail price of $509,047. However, a more basically equipped boat will cost $449,000.

How seaworthy are Nordic tugs?

All in all, the Nordic Tugs 44 is built for comfortable and extended cruising. It’s a sturdy, seaworthy cruiser that’s responsive for its size. And there are enough separate spaces throughout the boat for a month of easy living for a family or a couple with occasional guests.

Are tug boats seaworthy?

Today, trawlers—and tugs, their first cousins—are still salty and seaworthy and designed for long-range cruising or living aboard, but the genre has widened considerably. …

How seaworthy are Nordic Tugs?

Who owns Nordic Tugs?

Nordic (tug)

Owner NORTUG Bereederungs GmbH & Co. KG
Operator Bugsier-, Reederei- und Bergungsgesellschaft
Builder P+S Werften, Wolgast, Germany

Where are Nordic Tugs manufactured?

Burlington, Washington
Nordic Tugs manufactures hand crafted tug style yachts from 26 to 54 feet in its modern Burlington, Washington plant.

What is the smallest Nordic Tug?

Nordic Tugs 32 The Burlington, Washington builder has made a design change to the smallest boat in its line: the 32-footer.

Where are Nordic Tugs built?

“Nordic Tugs provide confidence under foot. A bonus is industry-leading fuel economy.” Another bonus: Nordic Tugs are made in America. The factory is in Burlington, Washington, about 65 miles north of Seattle, and the boats come with a 10-year stem-to-stern warranty against structural failure and osmotic blistering.

What is the difference between a tug and a trawler?

As nouns the difference between trawler and tug is that trawler is a fishing boat that uses a trawl net or dragnet to catch fish while tug is a sudden powerful pull.

Why choose Seattle yachts for your Nordic Tugs?

Seattle Yachts is proud to be the Nordic Tugs dealer for the Southeast and West Coast of the U.S. With offices in Florida, California, and the Pacific Northwest, our team is uniquely equipped to handle all of your cruising yacht needs.

What kind of boats are for sale in Seattle WA?

Tug Boats for sale in Seattle, Washington 1944 Steel Bushey Navy Tug 1890 Converted Tug Historic 78 Foot Workboat 2004 Nordic Tugs Nordic 37 Cruise Tug 1940 Alaska Packers 22m Tug 1908 Homebuilt 93 1977 CHB Flybridge Sedan 1977 CHB Flybridge Sedan 2013 Ranger Tugs R 29 2011 Ranger Tugs 29 2013 Ranger Tugs R-27

When was the last time the USN surplus tug was upgraded?

This tug was stored as USN surplus from 1944 to 1974 and has been in continual commercial operation since 1974. She has been upgraded as necessary to remain economical and commercially viable. This tug could continue commercial work for the next owner or could become a great live-aboard coastal cruiser for many NW adventures.

What was the purpose of the 1890 tug boat?

1890 Converted Tug Historic 78 Foot Workboat This Tug Boat represents a significant piece of history in the development of the marine industry of the Pacific Northwest. She was initially built for commerce carrying passengers and freight between Astoria and Tillamook, Oregon.