How much does a Mahabaleshwar trip cost?

How much does a Mahabaleshwar trip cost?

Mahabaleshwar Packages

Mahabaleshwar Packages Day/Night Price
Mahabaleshwar from Pune – Family Fun Package 3 Days/2 Nights ₹8,622
Mahabaleshwar Getaway – From Mumbai Package 3 Days/2 Nights ₹9,646
Holiday to Lonavala and Mahabaleshwar Package 5 Days/4 Nights ₹21,682
A Family Getaway to Mahabaleshwar Package 4 Days/3 Nights ₹12,029

Which tour package is best?

I want to Holiday in…

List of India Holiday Packages No. of Days Price*
Simply Kerala 6 Days / 5 Nights Rs. 25,999
Simply Andaman 6 Days / 5 Nights Rs. 27,999
Super Saver Kashmir 6 Days / 5 Nights Rs. 22,999
Inspirational Himachal 6 Days / 5 Nights Rs. 23,199

How do I plan a trip to Mahabaleshwar?


  1. 1 Elephant’s Head Point & Kate’s Point. Nature & Scenic.
  2. 2 Krishnabai Temple / Krishna Devi Temple. Pilgrimage.
  3. 3 Mahabaleshwar Mandir. Pilgrimage.
  4. 4 Panch Ganga / Panchganga Temple.
  5. 5 Elphinstone Point.
  6. 6 Arthur Seat Point.
  7. 7 Venna Dam / Lake.
  8. 8 Bombay Point / Sunset Point.

Who is the owner of Kesari Tours?

himanshu patil – Owner – Kesari Tours | LinkedIn.

Which is the best time to visit Mahabaleshwar?

Winter is from December to February and it is the best season to visit Mahabaleshwar….Best Time to visit Mahabaleshwar.

Travel Seasons Min/Max Temperature Season
March – June 15-35 degrees Pleasant Days
July – October 19-33 degrees Moderate rains
November – February 10-32 degrees Dry, windy and cooler

How many days are enough for Mahabaleshwar?

5 answers. Take at least 3 days to cover the best scenic spots in Mahabaleshwar, each spot takes up about 30 minutes of travel and 30 minutes to explore so in a day you can hit 3-4 points and get back to your hotel with enough energy to enjoy the evening with your partner or family.

What is Sotc full form?

Term. Sita Online Tourism Corporation. Company Name. SOTC. Southern Ontario Trail Riders Club.

What is a vacation package?

A package tour, package vacation, or package holiday comprises transport and accommodation advertised and sold together by a vendor known as a tour operator. Other services may be provided such a rental car, activities or outings during the holiday.

Is 2 days enough for Mahabaleshwar?

2 days trip to Mahabaleshwar There are numerous Places to Visit in Mahabaleshwar in Two Days. You can plan your trip in accordance with the places that the small hill town of Mahabaleshwar boasts of. If you are an ardent lover of nature, then you must take a visit to the various points here.

What kind of clothes should I wear in Mahabaleshwar?

What to wear/what to pack:

  • Long sleeve shirts or blouses.
  • Pants or jeans.
  • Light jacket or fleece. for men. for women. for boys. for girls.
  • Dresses.
  • Socks.
  • Standard footwear.
  • Long skirts.

Who is Veena Patil?

We all know her as the founder and managing director of Veena World, a pioneer of speciality travel concepts and a renowned name in the travel industry with her enriching travel experience of 35 years.

Which is the biggest travel agency in India?

Which is the biggest travel agency in India? Thomas Cook (India) Ltd is the Biggest Travel agency in India based on total sales in the recent year.