How much does an LTO-6 hold?

How much does an LTO-6 hold?

LTO-6 cartridges can hold up to 2.5TB natively or 6.25TB of compressed data. Compared with previous generation LTO-5 drives and cartridges, the new LTO-6 cartridges more than double capacity (with compression) and offer a 40% performance boost.

Can LTO-7 drive read LTO-6 tapes?

LTO Ultrium drives up to generation 7 can read data from a cartridge in its own generation and two prior generations, LTO-8 Ultrium drives can only read LTO-8, LTO-7 and LTO-7 Type M media. 7 drive will read and write data on an Ultrium format Gen. 7 (in the Gen 7 format) and 6 cartridge (in the Gen.

Can LTO-7 drive read LTO-5 tapes?

LTO specifications provide backwards compatibility to read/write with previous generations. LTO drive generations 1-7 are able to read tapes from two generations prior and are able to write to tapes from the prior generation.

What does LTO stand for tape?

Linear Tape Open
Linear Tape Open (LTO), also known as the LTO Ultrium format is a powerful, scalable, adaptable open tape format that is optimized for high capacity, maximum storage density and performance.

Can LTO 8 drive read LTO-6 tapes?

LTO-8 drives can read LTO-7 and LTO-8 tape, but not LTO-6 tape. An Ultrium drive can write data to a cartridge in its own generation and to a cartridge from the one prior generation in the prior generation’s format.

Is LTO-6 backward compatibility?

The capacity for one generation of storage device to read media written by a previous generation of storage device. For example, LTO-6 is backward read compatible with LTO-5 and LTO-4; therefore, an LTO-6 tape drive can read tape cartridges written by LTO-5 and LTO-4 drives.

Can LTO-8 drives read LTO-6 tapes?

There’s been a lot of interest in IBM’s new LTO-8 drive, onto which you can write 12TB per tape, or up to 30TB at 2.5:1 compression – and at high speed (300MBps / 750MBps).

Can LTO-6 drive read LTO-5 tapes?

All drives can read and write to both LTO5 and LTO6 tapes.

Can LTO-8 drive read LTO 6 tapes?

Can LTO 6 Drive write to LTO4?

So, LTO6 can read LTO4, but not write to it. If you try your method, the tape will be mounted, but will return an error which will result in media being Frozen.

Can LTO6 read LTO 4?

What is the storage capacity of LTO 6 tape?

LTO Ultrium 6 Tapes. LTO6 Tape has a storage capacity of 2.5 TB uncompressed and up to 6.25 TB (2.5:1 compression). LTO Ultrium 6 hardware incorporates the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Linear Tape File System (LTFS) dual partitioning functionality.

What are the specs of the LTO?

Specifications for current and future LTO generations Specs LTO-1 LTO-2 LTO-3 LTO-5 Capacity (native) 100 GB 200 GB 400 GB 1.5 TB Capacity (compressed) 200 GB 400 GB 800 GB 3 TB Compression 2:1 2:1 2:1 2:1 Raw Transfer Rate 20 MB/s 40 MB/s 80 MB/s 140 MB/s

What are the different types of LTO tape cartridges?

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