How much does GRABO cost?

How much does GRABO cost?

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Who makes the GRABO?

Nemo Power Tools
GRABO is the brainchild of Nemo Power Tools. The company is synonymous with developing professional level premium power tools for various industries.

How much can a GRABO lift?

Heavy Lifting Made Easy This powerful GRABO lifter can lift up to 170kg/375 lbs, is designed to work with dry, rough and porous material — and is trusted by leading industry professionals.

How do you use GRABO?

Position the Grabo flush against the surface of the item you want to lift. Press the green button to turn on the motor and create a seal to the surface of the item you want to lift. When you are done, press the red button to break the seal and release the item.

What is a Grabo and what is it used for?

NEMO GRABO Classic is an ideal lifting tool for countertops, doors, panels, etc. The tool works great with glass, wood, ceramic tiles, metals, and other materials. The tool works at a maximum vacuum capacity of 11.6 psi, with an optimum lifting capability as heavy as 375 lbs (170 kgs).

What is a vacuum lifter?

Vacuum tube lifters are a unique lifting aid designed for repetitive handling of materials or loads that are breakable or fragile (loads not suited for grippers or grabbing) such as concrete blocks, bags, or cardboard boxes.

How do you vacuum a slab lifter?

This paving lifter is easy to use—simply press the lifter down onto the paving stone, place your thumb over the hole on the handle to create a vacuum, then lift the stone.

Do suction cups stick to concrete?

Unless the cement was finely finished and sealed, no suction cup would stick.

How do electric vacuum lifters work?

How does vacuum handling work? Vacuum handling using suction cups is simple. A pump sucks in the vacuum between the suction cup and the part to be lifted, and stores this vacuum in a chamber dedicated for this purpose. By creating a vacuum, the atmospheric pressure is eliminated in the suction cup enclosure.

How do vacuum pumps work?

Vacuum pumps essentially move gas molecules from one region to the next to create a vacuum by changing high and low-pressure states. As molecules are removed from the vacuum space, it becomes exponentially harder to remove additional ones, thus increasing the vacuum power required.

How much weight can a vacuum lift?

So to summarize, at 80% vacuum, for every square inch of surface area, a vacuum cup can hold a weight of 11.76 lbs or 5.3 kg. This calculation is based on 14.7 psi of atmospheric pressure (pounds per square inch) being available at the facility where the vacuum cup is being used.