How much horsepower does a Corvette 454 have?

How much horsepower does a Corvette 454 have?

Powertrain specs

Engine type GM Chevrolet LS7 Big Block V8
Displacement 7.4 l (454 ci / 7440 cc)
Power 471 ps (465 bhp / 347 kw) @ 5200 rpm
Torque 664 Nm (490 lb-ft) @ 5200 rpm
Power / liter 63 ps (62 hp)

Did they ever put a 454 in a Corvette?

The 454 cu in (7.4 L) LS-4 big-block V8 engine was introduced in 1973 to replace the LS-5. It delivered 275 hp (205 kW) and 15% of the cars were ordered so equipped. “454” emblems adorned the hood of big-block equipped Corvettes.

What engines were available in a 1972 Corvette?

1972 Corvette Overview

Model: 1972 Corvette
Engine: 350ci – 200HP Engine (standard), 350ci – 255HP Engine, 454ci – 270HP Engine (n/a in California)
VIN: Z37K2S500001 – 1Z37K2S527004
Transmission: 4-speed manual (standard), 4-speed manual (optional), 3-speed Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic (optional)

What year Corvettes had 454?

The 1971 model year saw the C3 Corvette engines being down-tuned with decreased compression ratios to make them compatible with lower octane gasoline. Available in this year was an LS6 454 cubic inch (7.4-liter) 425-hp big-block engine that could be paired with an automatic transmission.

How much power can a 454 make?

In staying with the standard bore/stroke combination of 4.25/4 inches, however, it is not uncommon to yield power outputs of greater than 650 horsepower from the 454 in race engine configurations.

What generation is a 73 454?

Generation VI The Vortec 7400 L29 7.4 L (454 cu in) V8 was a truck version of the Chevrolet Big-Block engine. Introduced in 1996, it was produced for five years, until replaced by the Vortec 8100.

How heavy is a 1972 Corvette?

1972 Corvette Specs

Body Specs
Wheelbase 98.00 inches
Turning Diameters 37.0 feet (Curb to Curb) 39.0 feet (wall to wall)
Model 19467 Convertible (Curb) Front: 1,593 lb. Rear: 1,713 lb. Total: 3,306 lb. (Shipping) Front: 1,611 lb. Rear: 1,605 lb. Total: 3,216 lb.

What kind of car is a 1970 454 corvette?

1970 Chevrolet 454 Corvette A personal Corvette that is something a little bit special.

What kind of engine does a 1972 Corvette have?

Striking Green 1972 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray For Sale has a solid 454 CID Big Block V8 under the hood and a 4 Speed Manual transmission The C3 is the third generation of Corvette, and second to carry the Stingray name. The C3 corvette ranged from the years 1968-1982.

How much does a 1972 Corvette cost?

1972 Chevrolet Corvette. $25,500. 1972 Chevrolet Corvette (Albany, NY) $25,500 obo | You are looking at an excellent driver quality convertible Corvette, with less than 30k miles on a 350cu v8 and a manual 4 spd transmission.

Where can I buy a 1972 Corvette Stingray coupe?

Gateway Classic Cars of Orlando is proud to present this fun and sporty 1972 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe. 1972 was a special year for the Corvette as this was the last year for chrome bumpers… More Info › Gateway Classic Cars St. Louis is proud to have for sale this gorgeous 1972 Chevrolet Corvette.