How much horsepower is SD70ACe?

How much horsepower is SD70ACe?

SD70ACe is equipped with EMD’s 16-710-G3C-T2 prime mover, rated at 4,300 horsepower (3,200 kW); later Tier 3 models are rated at 4,500 horsepower (3,400 kW), and have a thermal efficiency of almost 36%. They are rated at 157,000 lbf (700 kN) continuous tractive effort (191,000 lbf (850 kN) starting).

What does SD70ACe mean?

The EMD (Electro Motive Division) SD70ACe (often nicknamed “Ace” or “The Ace” by most railfans, builders, and employees) is a type of six-axle, 16-cylinder, 4,300hp AC-traction diesel-electric locomotive which was first introduced in 2004 (the prototypes built the previous year), and has been in production since 2005 …

How much does a SD70ACe cost?

The current price of these locomotives can range from $1.5 million for DC traction motors to nearly $2.5 million for AC traction motors. Union Pacific’s “Office Car Special”, led by SD70ACe #8866, is westbound on the former Southern Pacific at Donner Pass near Colfax, California.

Who makes SD70ACe?

EMD plant
Introduced in 2012 in direct response to GE’s ES44C4 model. SD70ACe/45: Broad-gauge, produced by EMD plant in Brazil.

Does EMD make locomotives?

EMD continues to offer 710-powered locomotives for export as well as “ECO” upgrade packages for modernizing of older locomotives, which sustained their business during the hiatus of locomotive production for the domestic market.

What engine does the SD70ACe have?

The SD70ACe locomotive was introduced in 2005 for heavy-haul freight applications worldwide. This powerful and efficient locomotive integrates the world-class reliability of the EMD® 710 engine, EM2000 microprocessor control system and AC traction.

What is the most powerful diesel locomotive?

The Union Pacific Centennial
The Union Pacific Centennial is the largest and most powerful diesel locomotive ever built.

Does Caterpillar make locomotives?

The group delivers advanced EMD locomotives and engines, railcars, trackwork, fasteners, signaling, rail welding and Kershaw Maintenance-of-Way equipment, along with dedicated locomotive and freight car repair services, aftermarket parts support and recycling operations.

Does GE still make locomotives?

The G.E. unit is a leading manufacturer of locomotives for freight trains, and it had sales of $4.2 billion in 2017. The combined company, Wabtec and G.E. executives said, will be stronger, have a broader mix of rail operations and become a Fortune 500 corporation.

How much horsepower does a ES44AC have?

The General Electric ES44AC (or simply, “GEVO”) is a energy-efficient, 4,400 hp locomotive which was first introduced into full production in 2005, with the first ES44AC prototype built in November 2002. The ES44AC is the direct successor of the AC4400CW, which could not be produced domestically after 2004.

Why train engines are not turned off?

Trains, being large and heavy, need the optimal brake line pressure for its efficient stopping. For obvious reasons, loco pilots never compromise on brake line pressure. Another reason for not turning off diesel train engines, lies in the engine itself. A train’s diesel engine is a large unit, with around 16 cylinders.

Who makes locomotives in the USA?

GE and Caterpillar mainly produce freight locomotives, which sell for $2 million and up, but they are eager to expand in the passenger market, competing with such suppliers as Germany’s Siemens AG SIEGY 1.87% and Bombardier. Union Pacific Corp.

What is the difference between the up SD70ACe and SD70AH?

The standard UP SD70ACe units weighed 420,000 pounds, while the new SD70AH units weigh 427,000 pounds. In comparison, the CSX and NS units weight 432,000 pounds. All of the UP SD70ACe and SD70AH units have two inverters per unit.

What is the weight of each inverter on the SD70AH?

The SD70AH has only 2 inverters- 1 for each truck, just like any other EMD AC unit. Has not EMD gone to one inverter to axle with their latest locomotives? What is the weight of each for the UP variants? As I recall, both the UP SD70ACes & GEVOS weighed in at an already respectable 428,000 lbs.

What is the difference between the EMD ES44AH and SD70AH?

The ES44AH has slightly more tractive effort, because it has 6 inverters- 1 inverter per axle. The SD70AH has only 2 inverters- 1 for each truck, just like any other EMD AC unit. Has not EMD gone to one inverter to axle with their latest locomotives?

Is the EMD SD70ACe still in production?

Preservation information The EMD/Progress Rail SD70ACe is a six-axle, 4300- horsepower, AC-traction diesel locomotive which was first introduced in 2004, and was produced from 2005-2015. The SD70ACe is no longer in production in the United States due to its EMD 710 engine’s failure to meet EPA Tier 4 emissions regulations.