How much is 1964 penny worth?

How much is 1964 penny worth?

The 1964 penny with no mint mark and the 1964 D penny are each worth around $0.15 in uncirculated condition with an MS-63RB grade. The value is around $0.30 in uncirculated condition with a grade of MS-65RD. Proof coins with no mint mark are available and they are each valued at around $1.50 in PR-65RD condition.

What year Australian pennies are worth money?

The 1930 penny is one of the rarest Australian coins, due to a very small number being minted and holds the record as the most valuable copper penny in the world. It is highly sought after by coin collectors, and a 1930 penny in very fine condition can be worth A$45,000 or more.

Which Australian pennies are worth money?

So What are the Valuable Australian Pennies?

  • 1930 penny -number minted 1,200 coins. Value $10,000+ (View 1930 Pennies on eBay )
  • 1925 penny -number minted 117,000 coins. Value $100 + (View 1925 Pennies on eBay )
  • 1946 penny -number minted 363,000 coins. Value $50 + (View 1946 Pennies on eBay )
  • 1933/2 overdate penny.

Is a 1964 penny copper?

As part of the cent pieces minted between the 1962 and 1982 composition changes, the 1964 penny is made of 95% copper and 5% zinc. Also standard to these coins, the 1964 penny has a diameter of 19mm and a mass of 3.11 grams.

How do I identify my 1964 SMS coins?

The special finish of 1964 SMS coins is characterized by a nice, smooth, satin-like appearance. The fields are usually well struck, very clean and tend to come without any major nicks or scratches. The edges for most 1964 SMS coins also tend to be square and sharp.

How much is a 1943 Australian copper penny worth?

An Extremely Fine coin with traces of mint red might be worth $20, almost uncirculated coins worth perhaps $50-$75. A full red uncirculated 1943 penny from the Melbourne, Perth, or Bombay Mint is worth up to $250.

Are old 1 penny coins worth anything?

Arguably the most valuable one penny coin is the 1933 George V penny, which is worth an estimated value of £72,000. Although this was originally created as a pattern coin – which means it is not intended for release into circulation – it is believed seven were issued, making them extraordinarily rare.

What are rare Australian coins?

Rare Australian Coins

  • 1923 Halfpenny Very Fine.
  • 1819 Sydney Halloran School Prize Silver Medal.
  • 1856 Sydney Mint Half Sovereign Type I Fair.
  • 1852 Adelaide Pound Type II PCGS AU53.
  • 1852 Adelaide Pound Type II PCGS AU55.
  • 1852 Adelaide Pound Type II PCGS AU58 (about Uncirculated)
  • 1930 Penny about Very Fine.

Are 1964 coins worth anything?

The 1964-nickel value is 5 cents in good condition. The Jefferson Nickel is 75% copper and 25% nickel and has a total melt value of $0.0567. The highest sale for 1964 Jefferson SP68 was $32,900.

Why is 1944 wheat penny rare?

The 1944 Lincoln penny is particularly desirable in the eyes of collectors not only because of its design, but also due to its scarcity. Being that there are no more 1944 Lincolns being produced, the scarcity of these coins is constantly on the rise, thus making the coins more valuable.

What is the rarest Australian penny?

Halfpenny 1915 – H. Minted at only 720,000 examples,the H mint mark is visible under the lower scroll on reverse to indicate that the coin was produced at the

  • Halfpenny 1916 – I – Mule. Approximately 10 examples of the 1916 half penny mule are known to exist and all are in circulated condition.
  • Penny 1920. Several varieties of the 1920 penny exist mostly regarding the position of the dot (s) on reverse and the Indian or English obverses.
  • Which Australian pennies are rare?

    There are three key dates to look out for when looking through Australian Pennies and trying to work out their value. 1930 penny -number minted 1,200 coins. Value $10,000+ (View 1930 Pennies on eBay) The 1930 penny is not only the best known Australian penny, it’s almost certainly the best known Australian rare coin.

    What is the value of a 1966 Australian florin?

    The Australian florin was a coin used in the Commonwealth of Australia before decimalisation in 1966. The florin was worth 24 pence (two shillings , or one-tenth of a pound ).

    What is the value of a 1964 D Penny?

    But some 1964 penny values are much higher. We’ll talk more about this in a minute and explain why some of these rare pennies are worth so much: 1964 Philadelphia penny (no mintmark) – 2,648,575,000 (2.6 billion) minted; 10 to 25+ cents. 1964-D penny (Denver) – 3,799,071,500 (about 3.8 billion) minted; 10 to 25+ cents.