How much is a ticket to the Astros game?

How much is a ticket to the Astros game?

Houston Astros Ticket Prices

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2019 Minute Maid Park $55
2018 Minute Maid Park $52
2017 Minute Maid Park $44
2016 Minute Maid Park $21

Can I buy tickets at the Astros box office?

Buying Astros Tickets at the Stadium.

How do I get Astros tickets without fees? is your place to look and find out best and cheap Houston Astros tickets. All our MLB tickets are available without service fees, and it’s free from any hidden charges as well.

Can you buy tickets at Minute Maid?

The Minute Maid Park Box Office is going digital. You will no longer be able to purchase hard copy tickets on site. Text ‘Buy’ to 26099 to purchase your tickets or scan the QR code at the box office windows. You will be able to access your tickets through your smart phone on the MLB Ballpark app.

Where is the World Series 2021?

Minute Maid Park
Truist Park
2021 World Series/Location

Can you vape at Minute Maid Park?

Houston Astros – Minute Maid Park The no smoking policy includes the use of e-cigarettes and similar products. Smoking at Minute Maid Park is allowed only in the designated smoking areas. All fans have access to the designated smoking area at Section 310 on the Upper Concourse.

What is CSL restriction Astros tickets?

“Club Seat License” means the license granted to individuals to purchase Season Tickets for a designated Club Seat location within the Ballpark. “Co-Licensee” has the meaning given in Section 14. “CSL” means each Club Seat License granted to Licensee in accordance with Section 2.1.

Is there a smoking section at Minute Maid Park?

Smoking at Minute Maid Park is allowed only in the designated smoking areas. All fans have access to the designated smoking area at Section 310 on the Upper Concourse. Fans on the Honda Club Level may access the designated smoking area near Section 219.

Do Astros tickets get cheaper last minute?

If you have patience, waiting it out can lead to some great discounts. While there may be less inventory to choose from, buying tickets at the last-minute will increase your chances of getting a ticket without paying full price.

Is NLCS best of 5 or 7?

The National League Championship Series (NLCS) is a best-of-seven playoff and one of two League Championship Series comprising the penultimate round of Major League Baseball’s (MLB) postseason. It is contested by the winners of the two National League (NL) Division Series.

Who won the World Series?

Atlanta Braves
World Series/Latest champion

Can you smoke at Coors Field?

Smoking, vaping, ingesting, or otherwise consuming marijuana is prohibited in all areas of Coors Field, including designated smoking areas. Comerica Park is a smoke free workplace and venue, (except for the Cigar Bar which allows the smoking of cigars only). Alcohol is not permitted in the outside smoking areas.

How much will Astros tickets cost?

Astros ticket prices on the secondary market can vary depending on a number of factors. Typically, Astros tickets can be found for as low as $14.00, with an average price of $77.00. How to get cheap Astros tickets? If you’re looking for cheap Astros tickets, tickets can be found for as low as $14.00.

When do the Astros play?

The Astros played in the NL from 1962 to 2012, first in the West Division from 1969 to 1993, followed by the Central Division from 1994 to 2012. While a member of the NL, the Astros played in one World Series, in 2005, against the Chicago White Sox , in which they were swept in four games.

What channel is Astros game on?

The Houston Astros baseball games on local radio from over 20 radio stations in Texas and Louisiana (see below for all the Houston Astros Radio Network station listings). The flagship station for the Astros is KBME 790 AM in the Houston area.

Where is the Houston Astros stadium?

Astros Stadium Contact Phone Number is : (713) 259-8000. and Address is 501 Crawford Street, Houston, Texas, 77002, United States. Minute Maid Park, some time reffered to Astros stadium is a base ballpark in Downtown Houston, Texas, United States.