How much is inspection stickers in PA?

How much is inspection stickers in PA?

The cost of the official sticker is $9 if your vehicle passes inspection. If your car or truck does not pass inspection, we can perform the needed repairs here. Keep in mind that the cost of the inspection does not include the cost of repairs.

Is car inspection free in PA?

Pennsylvania requires vehicle safety inspections to ensure that vehicles are maintained for safe operation. Inspection fees are posted at official inspection stations. These fees do not include repairs to correct vehicle defects.

What is included in a PA state inspection?

Safety inspections for passenger cars and light-duty trucks require that the following items be checked: suspension components, steering, braking systems, tires and wheels, lighting and electrical systems, glazing (glass), mirrors, windshield washer, defroster, wipers, fuel systems, the speedometer, the odometer, the …

Can I order Pa inspection stickers online?

Can I order PA state inspection stickers online? Yes. Licensed inspection stations can order inspection stickers online. Please see the Online Inspection Sticker Ordering page on the DMV website for instructions and information.

What is the fine for no inspection sticker in PA?

a $500
Police officers can stop you and write you a citation if you drive your vehicle without it. Failure to complete a mandatory safety inspection in Pennsylvania will result in a $500 fine for noncompliance.

What is the fine for no inspection in PA?

a $500 fine

How much is expired inspection in PA?

In Pennsylvania, inspection stickers expire on the last day of the month indicated by inspection sticker (i.e. 12-014 would be December 31, 2014). We have found that the fine for an expired inspection sticker is $25 plus costs.

What are the requirements for PA inspection?

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation requires all vehicles under 9,000 pounds to undergo annual safety inspections. Vehicles must pass inspection requirements to be registered in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania vehicle safety inspections must be performed at PennDOT Inspection Stations, such as auto repair shops.

How much does a PA inspection sticker cost?

The price breakdown as required by the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is as follows: $47.95 (includes $8 sticker / program management fee) +tax. There is a $10+ surcharge for commercial vehicles, vans, and large trucks.

How much does a car inspection cost in PA?

About the lowest price a person can expect is right around $40 for a PA auto inspection and auto emissions inspection combined. This is going to completely cover a vehicle. The price can easily double and even get closer to $100 in certain areas of the state.

What is PA state inspection?

PA State automobile inspection is the responsibility of any driver operating a vehicle registered in the state. Did you know that you can be cited for an inspection violation for any vehicle you operate whether you own it or not? State inspection is not only a legal requirement, it’s a great way to ensure your safety and the safety of your family.