How much is visa to Sri Lanka UK?

How much is visa to Sri Lanka UK?

Visa fee

Visa type Visa fee
General student visa (Tier 4) It costs USD 451 as the application fee for the visa from outside the UK. Also, you must pay USD 451 per person for any dependants.
Short-term study visa It costs: USD 126 for a 6-month visa USD 241 for an 11-month visa

How much is UK visa fees?

Standard Visitor visa – for UK, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey

Visa types Visa application fee (USD)
Longer-term (valid for up to 5 years) 902
Longer-term (valid for up to 10 years) 1132
Visiting academic – more than 6 months up to 12 months 262
Marriage visitor visa 131

How can I apply for UK tourist visa from Sri Lanka?

Get UK tourist visa from Sri Lanka

  1. The visa application process involves fill in the application form, print out your form and book an appointment from the consulate depending on the availability.
  2. On the day of the appointment, the applicant has to carry all the original documents for submission and for the biometrics.

What is the visa fee for Sri Lanka?

Methods of Submission of ETA Application. South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Countries
* By Third party US$ 30
* At Sri Lanka Overseas Missions US$ 30
* At the head office of the Department of Immigration & Emigration, Colombo US$ 30
* On arrival at the port of entry in Sri Lanka US$ 40

Is Sri Lanka visa free for UK citizens?

Passports & Visas British citizens must have a valid passport for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry in Sri Lanka, and are also required to have a visa. You can apply for a tourist visa online at If you need assistance applying for your visa, we recommend the Travel Visa Company.

Is visa to Sri Lanka free?

Sri Lanka Visa fee for Indian citizens The standard cost for a Sri Lanka visa is $35 for a tourist visa, granting a 30-day stay in the country per entry. The tourist visa allows you only a maximum of two entries to Sri Lanka.

Why is UK visa so expensive?

The main reason why visas have gotten so expensive is the huge wave of immigration caused by refugees from the East. The increase, thus, is meant as a measure of putting that fire off as much as possible.

How do I get a visa for London from Sri Lanka?

Citizens of Sri Lanka who wish to take a trip to the United Kingdom for business, tourism, or medical purposes are required to obtain a visa in advance. Please note that such a document is not available online. It is necessary for you to go to the nearest British embassy to get a UK Standard Visitor Visa.

Do UK citizens need visa for Sri Lanka?

Is Sri Lanka visa free?

Visitors to Sri Lanka visiting for tourism purposes must obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), unless they are exempt, prior to arrival or on arrival to Sri Lanka or they must obtain a visa in advance. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months.

Can I get a Sri Lanka visa for the UK?

Visas for Sri Lanka are issued at present by the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka only. Therefore, we wish to inform that at present the High Commission of Sri Lanka in the UK does not accept applications for the issuance of any type of Sri Lanka visas for foreign nationals.

What is the penalty for non-visa holders in Sri Lanka?

A foreigner staying in Sri Lanka without a valid visa will be charged US $ 500 penalty in addition to the visa fee. any person whose citizenship of Sri Lanka has been ceased under sections 19, 20 or 21 of the Citizenship Act

How do I extend my Sri Lankan tourist visa?

All visitors need to comply with the guidelines imposed for tourists by the Government of Sri Lanka. If your visa is expiring you will need to apply for an extension through the Department for Immigration and Emigration. You should ring the Department for Immigration and Emigration on +94 70 710 1050 or visit their website to make an appointment.

Can I travel to Sri Lanka with a UK emergency travel document?

UK Emergency Travel Documents are accepted for entry, airside transit and exit from Sri Lanka. Check whether you need a yellow fever certificate by visiting the National Travel Health Network and Centre’s TravelHealthPro website.