How old is Nicolas Winding Refn?

How old is Nicolas Winding Refn?

Nicolas Winding Refn. Writer, director, and producer Nicolas Winding Refn was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1970, to Anders Refn, a film director and editor, and Vibeke Winding (née Tuxen), a cinematographer. Just before he turned 11, in 1981, he moved to New York with his parents, where he lived out his teen years.

What are the 10 best movies by Nicolas Winding Refn?

Nicolas Winding Refn: All 10 Films Ranked (According To IMDB) 1 Only God Forgives (5.7) 2 Fear X (6.0) 3 Valhalla Rising (6.1) 4 The Neon Demon (6.2) 5 Bleeder (6.8) 6 Bronson (7.1) 7 I’m the Angel of Death: Pusher III (7.3) 8 With Blood on My Hands: Pusher II (7.4) 9 Pusher (7.4) 10 Drive (7.8)

What is Nicolas Refn’s directing style?

Starting off with low-budget Scandinavian crime dramas before hitting the English-language circuit with 2008’s Bronson, Refn has become a director with his own signature style, one that’s instantly recognizable by his loyal fans.

What is Charles Bronson’s first instinct as a fighter?

Bronson’s first and only instinct is to fight, to capture, and to win. He never makes it to phase two of planning. He has now spent more than three decades in jail, with the majority of those years in solitary confinement, and has become a tabloid sensation as the “most violent prisoner in Britain.”

Is ‘Gambler’ by Nicolas Refn worth watching?

“Gambler” is not just for the fans. It contains plenty of drama, and Refn’s struggles resonate far beyond the movie world. Several documentaries on Refn and his “Pusher” trilogy exist. This one is justifiable for its unique portrayal of the Danish art-house director’s day-to-day life.

How much debt did Nicolas Winding Refn owe for fear X?

A documentary about director Nicolas Winding Refn and his efforts to pay a 5.5 million crowns debt from his film Fear X (2003). Phie Ambo’s documentary “Gambler” follows Danish auteur movie maker Nicolas Winding Refn during and after the making of “Pusher 2”.

What’s so great about the movie gambler?

The biggest success of “Gambler” lies in its portrait of Refn’s day-to-day life during a stressful period of dealing with actors, the bank, his producer, his girlfriend Liv Corfixen, and, last but not least, his inner demons. One feels for Refn as he struggles, and barely manages to finance his projects.