How to draw a dragon step by step?

How to draw a dragon step by step?

Sketch the basic shapes. A blank page is daunting,so we first want to get an idea of how big our dragon will be.

  • Connect your preliminary shapes. Next,we’re going to connect the basic shapes and lines we laid out until we have a satisfactory outline of the dragon’s form.
  • Refine the outline. With the basics in place,you’ll want to slowly add and edit as you see fit.
  • Pay attention to the details. Now that you’ve done the grunt work,it’s time for some fun!
  • Go over the drawing in ink and/or add color. If you decide to finish your drawing in pen,you have the option to commit to a full-scale look.
  • How do you draw Dragons step by step?

    Use light, smooth strokes to begin. Step 1: Draw two circles as guides for the dragon’s body. Step 2: Draw a smaller circle on the upper right side of the dragon’s body. Step 3: Draw an arc next to the head as a guide for the dragon’s muzzle. Step 4: Draw angled lines below the dragon’s body as guides for the legs.

    How to draw a realistic dragon?

    Let us begin with a circle which is going to be used for our head guide.

  • Starting from the head shape you just drew in step one,you will begin sketching out the snout of the dragon,all the way up to the forehead
  • There’s many types of snouts to customize your dragon in.
  • You will now begin sketching out the brow of your dragon.
  • Next up,draw the shape of the dragon’s eye and be sure that the upper lid is nice and bold as well as defined and realistic.
  • It’s now time to draw out the entire jaw structure for your new dragon creation.
  • You will now begin drawing the rest of the dragons teeth for both the upper and lower parts of the gum line and or jaw.
  • Lastly for this drawing step,draw in the rest of the dragon’s head.
  • The final line art is all done. Color in the drawing using the tools of your choice. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on drawing another dragon.
  • I’ve recorded my basic progression within the overall painted piece. Please note that I am use ‘Adobe Photoshop CS3’ to digitally paint my drawing.
  • Next,using a semi-bright color,I go ahead and add scales throughout the drawing in a subtle pattern.
  • Repeating my process throughout the entire piece,I go ahead and darken the contrast by choosing ‘Image > Auto Contrast’.
  • How do you draw a dragon head?

    Draw a Dragon Head Using Shapes Draw lightly. Use shapes like 2 wedges to draw the basic shape of the snout. Draw the neck. Draw the basic shape of the head part that you want to add. Draw additional shapes such as cones or mounds to serve as places where horns or tendrils, hair, etc… Draw your choice of attachment.