Marketing means you deliver the product to the market and improve customer satisfaction. It requires a lot of effort to meet the needs of clients and satisfy each and every customer. Marketing is in simple words a need for selling your product in easy terms.

There are many products that do a lot of marketing in media and other platforms in order to advertise their product to give a sale through effort and to reach more people. So that people recognize the product too as different similar products are being offered in different companies.

The basic key project to sell products t is called marketing.

It requires research, recognization of clients and promotion.

The importance of marketing is done when a product is entered in the market as compared to products that are not advertised or marketed. It becomes people’s recognization to know it. People will ask for this product only which is being processed by marketing and promotion.

Why marketing is important because it helps to sell products and helps them to recognize in a manner when a target is achieved with goals. It plays an important role as through different channels marketing is done. People all over the world can see it and recognize it.

The business will not exist if marketing is not done cause it is that which drives sales more specifically.


Marketing is the process of making sales whereas marketing management processes in which planning, organizing, directing, motivating and coordinating and controlling of a business.

Marketing management is also important as it improves the welfare of society and people know the worth of the product as the product is delivered through specializing efforts. Businesses and organizations improve themselves through promotions and through potential customers.


Marketing strategy is defined to collaborate market with clients and to enhance the products.

It can be totally innovative or tried and tested strategy is also helpful. In this strategy, people come to know the market value of the product and recognize its benefits and sale production is increased.

There are different ways of strategy in marketing!!

  1. Defining the target population!!

Always define your targets means who are your customers and what is their requirements and how can you fulfill their targets through what ways and needs.

  1. Testing of audience or clients

Send samples or a small amount of proportion of products to market and see what people respond in buying them

  1. Considering strategies!!

Always consider strategies. don’t ever just ponder around . just be flexible to strategies with target reaching and applying in different ways of reaching to clients in multiple ways.

  1. evaluation!!

Always evaluate your product well. Don’t just hang up with the audience . do the product evaluation to make it better quality for people and to judge if the target is achieved or not.



There are basically two types of marketing

  1. Business to business(B2B)
  2. Business to consumer (B2C)

Business to business involves selling your products at wholesale to other companies or you manufacture your products whereas business to the consumer is direct sales to clients in normal general people audience. Both need tasks or strategies to be fulfilled.

It can cherish a marketing plan for clients on the basis of their strategies.


For example, Samsung is doing a great job in reaching up clients through different means of technology and their client karaoke bonanza is greatly contributing to giving high-end original brand products like speakers or other instruments at home.



Here we don’t want to give lectures or essays anyways a simple review of the topic is done in order to enhance the product value that what is product marketing.

Life is generally very important so it is the money value and the products which we use to leave a life long last impression on us.


  1. Paid advertising in promoting business
  2. Cause advertising in which different issues are raised and normal people are made aware of them
  3. Relationship marketing. it required the building of relationships from customers to clients. Different procedures are prepared by setting a committee to make fulfill orders and make them perfect for the audience
  4. Hidden marketing.

Some marketing plans are done undercover which is hideous and are not direct.

  • Word of mouth

Some marketing is done through word of mouth means people tell each other that, the product is very good you should use or not.

  • Transactional

The sales process is highly demanding. It requires not only effort but also a long procedure to fulfill orders. It is done differently from clients to transaction holders. Many coupons or huge targets are made in order to fulfill this advertisement

  • Internet marketing

Nowadays technology based on the internet which is playing an important role in marketing and advertising and it is helping a lot for people to have the know-how of the product.

  • Diversity marketing

It is done by customizing an integration. It is also a widely recognized method.


It is a term to define services or marketing in a brand that needs customer satisfaction and reliance on quality assurance and client dealings.

Nowadays in America and other countries, service marketing is well known.

The product should be promoted with accurate kinds of liabilities and their promotion strategies.

As Samsung is indulging a lot of efforts with different market holders and different companies share their products in marketing. Karaoke bonanza is one of the top retailers.