Is a Fluke 1507 a megger?

Is a Fluke 1507 a megger?

The Fluke 1507 Megohmmeter/Insulation Resistance Tester, 600V, 0.01 MΩ – 10 GΩ is compact, lightweight, rugged, reliable, easy to use.

What is a fluke Megger?

Whether you work on motors, generators, cables, or switch gear, the Fluke digital insulation resistance testers provide noise-free, reliable results. With advanced performance, a Fluke insulation tester is designed to be safe, simple to use and gimmick-free.

How does a megohmmeter work?

The megohmmeter, or megger, is a measuring device that tests high electrical resistances. A megger will read a wire or motor windings in Megohms, where 1 Megohm is equal to 1,000,000 ohms. In order to read such a high resistance value the meter must be capable of generating a very high voltage.

What does a Fluke insulation tester do?

Fluke insulation testers are ideal for testing capacitance and leakage current of switchgears, motors, generators and cables, among other high voltage equipment. Timed ratio tests are used to detect insulation resistance and include the polarization index (PI) and dielectric absorption rate (DAR).

How do you check motor insulation with a megger?

How to Test a Three-Phase Motor With a Megger

  1. Turn off the power supply to the motor, usually accomplished by switching the circuit breaker.
  2. Place one megger probe to the any mounting bolt on the breaker box to test for grounding continuity, then touch the other probe to a motor terminal.

How do you read a fluke Megger?

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