Is a Newtonian telescope good?

Is a Newtonian telescope good?

Newtonian reflectors are great all-around scopes, offering generous apertures at affordable prices. They excel for both planetary and deep-sky viewing. Of course, the larger the aperture, the more you’ll see.

Is Orion telescopes still in business?

In November 2017, Orion was repurchased by its employees, and has remained independent and American-owned ever since.

Is a Newtonian telescope better than a refractor?

A good quality Newtonian Reflector with 8″ of aperture will have far better resolving power and see much dimmer objects than the best 4″ refractor, and will cost just a small fraction.

Which is better Newtonian or Dobsonian telescope?

This makes the Dobsonian more robust, and better for carrying around without worry of damaging your telescope. Dobsonian tubes are twice the length of some standard Newtonians, as a Dob uses a flat secondary mirror as opposed to curved.

Which is better Newtonian or Cassegrain telescope?

For equivalent size telescopes in aperture cassegrains are more compact than newtonians so a larger aperture may be easier to handle. Both types of telescopes can be used for photography but I think cassegrains may have a few more accessories that make them a little better suited for photography.

What is the difference between a Cassegrain and Newtonian telescope?

The Newtonian telescope is a kind of reflecting telescope that uses a diagonal mirror to reflect light out the side of the telescope. A Cassegrain telescope is a kind of reflecting telescope where a secondary mirror reflects light back through a hole in the primary mirror’s center.

Is Orion a good brand of telescopes?

Orion is amongst one of the top companies that manufacture great telescopes at a reasonable cost. They have been around for decades and are well-known for their quality products. Their customer services are excellent as well.

Did Meade Instruments go out of business?

Meade Instruments, a company familiar to any backyard astronomer who’s drooled over their telescopes, has filed for bankruptcy. The company has fallen on hard times in recent years, as they’ve faced increasing competition. Meade also recently lost a lawsuit, which pushed them over the edge into bankruptcy.

What type of telescope is best for viewing planets?

7 Best Telescopes For Viewing Planets And Galaxies

Telescope Aperture Mount Type
Celestron NexStar 127 SLT 127mm Computerized Alt-azimuth
Gskyer AZ90600 Telescope 90mm Alt-azimuth
Orion StarBlast 6 Astro Reflector Telescope 150mm Alt-azimuth tabletop
Celestron Nextar 6 SE Telescope 150mm Computerized Alt-azimuth mount

Can you see the moon with a reflector telescope?

With telescopes of this aperture size, you’ll be able to see the moon and her craters, as well as some of the bigger planets. Although they won’t be able to see them in the greatest of detail, you can easily see things like the rings of Saturn, as well as most nebulae.

Which telescope is better Newtonian or Cassegrain?

Why are Dobsonian telescopes so cheap?

Dobsonian telescopes are designed to be simple, easy to use and gather as much light as possible. Because of this robust simplicity, they are very economical and popular with astronomers of all levels of ability.