Is an electronic ballast the same as a digital ballast?

Is an electronic ballast the same as a digital ballast?

Electronic ballasts are preferred by commercial growers. Digital ballasts have higher output and will give almost 30% more light. They are cooler and provide better spectral output. They have adjustable wattage, which allows you to use power your grow lamp at different wattages.

What is a e ballast?

An electronic ballast uses solid state electronic circuitry to provide the proper starting and operating electrical conditions to power discharge lamps. An electronic ballast can be smaller and lighter than a comparably-rated magnetic one.

Do Digital ballast use less electricity?

Digital ballasts are waaaaay more efficient. It’ll vary, depending on which units you compare, but typically digital ballasts use 3 – 4% less energy. This doesn’t sound like much but, when you’ve got multiple grow lights on the go, the combined saving really cuts down your energy bills.

What are grow light ballasts?

Grow light ballasts power high intensity grow bulbs and lamps by regulating the voltage to a high intensity discharge (HID) light or compact fluorescent light. Some ballasts power specific bulb types while others are “switchable,” capable of powering both HPS and MH bulbs.

How much power does a 600 watt digital ballast use?

around 660W
For example a typical “600W ballast” in reality consumes around 660W, the 60W is lost in heat. However there are units available on the market that do indeed achieve a significant increase in lumen output but they do this by consuming more power.

How many amps does a 600 watt digital ballast use?

Power Efficiency

Startup Min
Digital 600W 1.95 2.47
Brand ‘A’ 600W 4.85 3.25
Brand ‘B’ 600W 3.82 2.90

Are digital ballast better than magnetic?

Magnetic ballasts are easily the cheaper option when first buying. However digital ballasts, although pricey to begin with, will run more efficiently, use less energy and in effect help to lower your electricity bills over time.

Is magnetic or electronic ballast better?

In addition to not flickering and being quieter than magnetic ballasts, electronic ballasts are preferred because it has many other advantages. They are smaller in size and weigh less. Also, if you want to replace your magnetic ballast with an electronic ballast, this is cheap and relatively easy to do.

How do I know what kind of ballast I need?

You can determine whether you have a compatible fixture in seconds. Simply turn the light on, then take a photo of the fixture using your smartphone or digital camera. If there are no dark bands on the resulting image, you have an electronic ballast that will work with direct drop-in LED tubes.

Do grow light ballast get hot?

There are basically two types of ballasts: magnetic ballasts and electronic ballasts. These components get hot, too, but because of their small size and design, most- if not all- electronic ballasts have internal fans to keep them cool when operating (just like a computer).

Why do grow lights need a ballast?

The ballast ensures that the lamp only receives the current it needs and nothing more. Without the ballast to regulate the amount of electricity going into the bulb, the light would continue to increase in intensity until the bulb blows. The ballast automatically increases the amount of power to the bulb as it ages.

Can you use 1000w bulb in 600W ballast?

The ballast will be able to light the bulb. A 600-watt and a 1000-watt bulb has the same starting voltage requirement. I personally would not use a 600-watt ballast on a 1000-watt bulb. An electronic ballast will only provide approximately 600-watts to the bulb.