Is CaptureRx a legitimate company?

Is CaptureRx a legitimate company?

CaptureRx will lure you in with competitive pay, 401K, health benefits, company vision and values, but what you will soon realize is that this company is a fake representation of what you thought you were signing up for. There is mismanagement on every level in this organization.

Who owns CaptureRx?

College friends and founders, Ed Gilmartin and Chris Hotchkiss created CaptureRx more than 20 years ago.

What is CaptureRx Portland Oregon?

CaptureRx is a vendor that provides services to certain healthcare providers, including <>.

What is 340Basics?

340Basics is the 340B technology division of Nuvem. Our mission has never swayed: to develop technology that is an invaluable asset for your organization. It is 340Basics mission to consistently exceed our client’s expectations by providing industry leading 340B technology solutions, knowledge, training and service.

How do I apply for a 340B program?

To register, you must have a 340B Office of Pharmacy Affairs (340B OPAIS) user account. Visit the 340B OPAIS site and select “help” in the upper right hand corner of the page.

What can 340B funds be used for?

Hospitals use 340B savings to provide free care for uninsured patients, offer free vaccines, provide services in mental health clinics, and implement medication management and community health programs.

HOW DO 340B pharmacies make money?

Participation in the 340B program shifts a pharmacy’s profit source from dispensing spreads to per-prescription fees paid by a 340B-qualified entity. In some cases, the pharmacies share in the profits generated by 340B prescriptions, which raises further questions about who benefits from the program.

What is 340B split billing?

Split billing is the process of separating the inpatient (IP) and OP hospital charges from 340B-eligible areas. Effectively, this method identifies all of a CE’s OP charge codes and uses them to identify drug replenishment opportunities at 340B pricing.

What is a 340B child site?

“Child” site definition: Per HRSA, a 340B child site is defined as outpatient clinic or location that intends to use or purchase. 340B drugs for its patients. Child sites must be registered and listed in the 340B website.

How often do 340B prices change?

The CMP Final Rule established that the ceiling price will be rounded to two decimal places and will be published in the 340B OPAIS on a quarterly basis.

Is 340B pharmacy profitable?

340B covered entities and their contract pharmacies generated an estimated $13 billion in gross profits on 340B purchased medicines in 2018, which represents more than 25% of pharmacies’ and providers’ total profits from dispensing or administering brand medicines.