Is Chronopost a DPD?

Is Chronopost a DPD?

Chronopost France is part of DPDgroup, the international parcel delivery network ranked 2nd in Europe. DPDgroup is the parcel delivery network of GeoPost, a Le Groupe La Poste holding company with revenue of €7.3 billion in 2018.

Is Chronopost part of La Poste?

Chronopost International, a member of the La Poste group, provides express shipping and delivery service both domestically (in France) and internationally.

What is a Chronopost Courier?

Chronopost, the French leader in express delivery. More than 35 offers and products to ship domestically and internationally. A network of 9,700 local pickup points in France and 36,000 in Europe for delivering your parcels. Innovative services (parcel collection; insurance; delivery rescheduling)

How do I contact Chronopost?

The telephone number for the Chronopost General-Public Customer Service is +33 (0)969 391 391 (standard rate call).

Who delivers Chronopost in UK?

DPD UK. The UK’s leading parcel delivery brand.

Where is Chronopost based?

Although Chronopost is based in France, it also has international offices in Morocco, the Ivory Coast, and other international areas. However, its service centers are predominantly based in France and Europe.

Who do Chronopost use in UK?

DPDgroup is the international parcel delivery network bringing together DPD, Chronopost, SEUR and BRT.

Who delivers Chronopost in Ireland?

Is there Chronopost in the UK?

Chronopost is used by customers in France who want to be able to send boxes overseas to destinations around the world. Chronopost International provides some of the best shipping rates for shipping from France to popular locations like; The UK.

What is the difference between Colissimo and Chronopost?

The Chronopost express delivery service has an associate status with La Poste with an agreement to send express parcels and letters from La Poste offices. The Colissimo service undertakes to deliver within 48 hours in France.

Who owns Chronopost France?

Chronopost in France belongs to DPDgroup. Chronopost is France’s leader in express delivery of parcels up to 30kg for businesses and individuals.

How do you use Chronopost?

How do I send my parcel?

  1. Fill in your shipping information (you can send up to 5 parcels to the same addressee)
  2. Select the best service for your needs.
  3. Select your options and the drop-off/collection method for your parcel.
  4. Fill in the sender and addressee details.
  5. Confirm and pay by credit card, PayPal or direct debit.