Is dengue fever vaccine available?

Is dengue fever vaccine available?

Dengue vaccine is a vaccine used to prevent dengue fever in humans. Development of dengue vaccines began in the 1920s, but was hindered by the need to create immunity against all four dengue serotypes. As of 2021, one version is commercially available, known as CYD-TDV, and sold under the brand name Dengvaxia.

Is dengue vaccine available in India?

A limited-use live attenuated dengue vaccine has been licensed since 2015. Two new live attenuated dengue vaccines are currently in phase III efficacy trials. Indian companies have licensed a live attenuated experimental vaccine from the USA.

What is the current status of dengue vaccine development?

One dengue vaccine has been licensed, Dengvaxia® (CYD-TDV), developed by Sanofi Pasteur. Approximately five additional dengue vaccine candidates are in clinical development, with two candidates (developed by NIH/Butantan and Takeda) now in Phase III trials.

Is Dengvaxia available in Australia?

It is currently the only licensed dengue vaccine in the world. A complete course of vaccination requires 3 doses, to be given at 0-, 6- and 12-month time points. Dengvaxia® is registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia, but is not currently marketed in Australia.

How much does dengue vaccine cost?

With the current dengue vaccination program that vaccinates children 9 years of age, dengue vaccination is cost-effective for vaccination costs up to $70 from a health-care perspective and up to $75 from a societal perspective.

Which medicine is best for dengue fever?

There is no specific medicine to treat dengue infection. If you think you may have dengue fever, you should use pain relievers with acetaminophen and avoid medicines with aspirin, which could worsen bleeding. You should also rest, drink plenty of fluids, and see your doctor.

Why there is no vaccine available for dengue fever?

The dengue virus consists of four serotypes, DENV-1, DENV-2, DENV-3 and DENV-4. The available vaccine only provides immunity against one serotype, which does not generate lasting immunity against the other three, making it only less effective.

How long does dengue antibodies last?

IgM antibodies are detectable ~1 week after infection and are highest at 2 to 4 weeks after the onset of illness. They remain detectable for about 3 months. The presence of IgM is indicative of a recent DENV infection. IgG antibody levels take longer to develop than IgM, but IgG remain in the body for years.

Who manufactured Dengvaxia?

STN: 125682. Sanofi Pasteur Inc. (SNY) is the manufacturer of the Dengvaxia vaccine.

Which country made Dengvaxia?

MANILA, Philippines — CYD-TDV (brand name Dengvaxia), developed by Sanofi Pasteur, is the first dengue vaccine licensed in December 2015 in Mexico. By April 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Dengvaxia vaccination had been approved by regulatory authorities in 20 countries for people 9 to 45 years old.

Is Dengue fever in Australia?

The dengue virus is not endemic in Australia, which means the virus is not normally present in Australia. Dengue fever outbreaks begin in Queensland when someone is infected with dengue overseas and arrives with the virus in their blood.

What are the side effects of Dengvaxia?

Side effects of Dengvaxia include injection site reactions (such as redness, swelling, itchiness and pain), fever, headache, lethargy and muscle ache. These side effects were of mild to moderate severity and of short duration (0 to 3 days).