Is edifice a noun or verb?

Is edifice a noun or verb?

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What is an example of an edifice?

Edifice Sentence Examples St John’s church is a Gothic edifice with a lofty tower; St Salvator’s was built about 1720. The parish church of St Martin’s is a handsome edifice rebuilt in 1873.

What does the edifice represent?

Edifice means a building, but it doesn’t mean just any building. To merit being called an edifice, a building must be important. The meaning of edifice has expanded to include a system of ideas––when it is complicated enough to be considered to have walls and a roof, then it is an edifice.

How do you use edifice in a sentence?

Edifice in a Sentence 🔉

  1. As I stared at the gigantic edifice, I knew I would get lost once I entered the largest mall in the country.
  2. The church on the corner is the oldest edifice in the county.
  3. Before we begin building the edifice the prime minister will call home we need to make detailed architectural plans.

What sweltered means?

1 : to suffer, sweat, or be faint from heat. 2 : to become exceedingly hot in summer, the place swelters. transitive verb. 1 : to oppress with heat. 2 archaic : exude sweltered venom— William Shakespeare.

Which of the following are synonyms of edifice?

Synonyms of edifice

  • cathedral,
  • hall,
  • palace,
  • tower.

Is a church an edifice?

In standard Greek usage, the older word “ecclesia” (Greek: ἐκκλησία, ekklesía, literally “assembly”, “congregation”, or the place where such a gathering occurs) was retained to signify both a specific edifice of Christian worship (a “church”), and the overall community of the faithful (the “Church”).

What is the edifice video about?

Edifice is an experimental short film inspired by personal beliefs of who we are, where we come from, and where we are heading; it’s a journey from stardust to singularity.

What is the message in Why Man Creates?

The Mark. Summary: Why man creates. Humans have used their creativity to solve problems and create works of art for ages, and Bass says that the reason why is to to be able to say “I am.” As creatives, we strive to represent ourselves in this world, and that is why we create—To leave our mark of existence in this world …

What is the synonym of edifice?

edifice. Synonyms: structure, building, tenement, fabric. Antonyms: ruin, heap, demolition, dismantlement.

What is tranquilize mean?

: to make tranquil or calm : pacify especially : to relieve of mental tension and anxiety by means of drugs. intransitive verb. 1 : to become tranquil : relax sense 1. 2 : to make one tranquil.

What do you mean by Terry?

1 : the loop forming the pile in uncut pile fabrics. 2 : an absorbent fabric with such loops. — called also terry cloth. Terry. biographical name.