Is Faire a verb?

Is Faire a verb?

The verb faire is considered to be an irregular verb, meaning that the conjugations used in order to create a subject-verb agreement do not follow typical patterns. So, break out the flash cards and commit this one to memory.

Is fare a verb?

1) To get along: How are you faring with your project? 2) To happen or develop: How does it fare with you? 3) To travel; go. 4) To dine; eat.

How to conjugate avoir?

Say “j’ai” to mean “I have. ” In the first person present tense,the verb avoir takes the form “ai” (pronounced ay ).

  • Use “tu as” when you want to say “you have. ” In any situation where you would use the informal second-person pronoun “tu,” conjugate “avoir” as “as.”
  • Conjugate avoir as “a” (pronounced “ah”) in third person.