Is Hazel-Atlas glassware marked?

Is Hazel-Atlas glassware marked?

The Hazel-Atlas mark, usually placed on the back of the product, is an “A” nestled underneath an “H”. The mark was reportedly first used in 1923, according to trademark office records quoted by Peterson (400 Trademarks on Glass).

How do you date an Atlas jar?

Dating an Atlas Mason Jar

  1. Look for Mold Seams. Examine the jar to see if it has lines or mold seams from its construction.
  2. Check the Texture of the Glass.
  3. Note the Name.
  4. Examine the Jar’s Condition.
  5. Check the Style.
  6. Consider the Color.
  7. Compare to Recent Sales Prices.

Is Hazel-Atlas still in business?

In 1957, Hazel-Atlas became a division of the Continental Can Company. The Hazel-Atlas mark continued to be used, at least on some percentage of their glass products, until approximately 1964, when Continental sold all of the glass plants (except the facility at Plainfield, Illinois) to Brockway Glass Company.

Are all Hazel-Atlas pieces marked?

Not all Hazel-Atlas items are labeled, but the maker’s mark is a good place to start to determine authenticity. It is a curved “H” with an “A” nested neatly underneath.

Is Hazel Atlas and Anchor Hocking the same company?

We believe these two sets were made by two different, very successful American pressed glass makers—Anchor Hocking and Hazel-Atlas. Anchor Hocking (founded in 1905) is still making glass products today and Hazel Atlas (founded in 1902) was in business into the early 1960s.

Who bought Hazel Atlas?

The handsome 1931 Hazel Atlas corporate headquarters at 15th and Jacob streets, a Wheeling landmark, was donated to West Liberty State College in 1964 and is now part of West Virginia Northern Community College (was bought by Youth Services System in 2009).

Are Atlas Mason jars worth money?

Atlas mason jar values vary between $10 to around $60 depending on a number of factors including the age, color, and condition. The older amber-colored E-Z Seal Atlas mason jars, which were made around 1910, are among the more valuable.

Are old Mason jars worth money?

Nowadays, you can even buy a big flat of Mason jars for pretty cheap at your local craft or household goods store — but the older ones can fetch much higher prices. Typically, the smaller or more common antique jars can go for about $20 apiece, but the more rare versions can sell for as much as $300.

When did they stop making Atlas Mason jars?

The Hazel-Atlas Company was an actual company from 1902 to 1964. They made actual Mason jars for home canning, as well as other glass items, such as depression glass and milk glass.

Is Anchor Hocking made in China?

Made on China! Anchor Hocking typically advertises made in USA as does this items description.

How can you tell how old a Mason jar is?

The logo imprinted on each jar is, by far, the easiest and fastest way to determine the approximate age your Ball mason jar.

How old are Atlas Mason jars?

Authentic Atlas mason jars were mason jars made by the Hazel-Atlas Glass Company, which was in business from 1902 to 1964.

When was Hazel Atlas Glass Company founded?

Founded in 1902 in Washington, PA, Hazel Atlas Glass Company began as a merger between Hazel Glass and Metals Company (founded in 1887) and Atlas Glass Company (founded in 1896). Hazel Atlas was a large American producer of machine-molded glass items, manufacturing a tremendous amount of Depression glassware.

What is Hazel Atlas dinnerware?

That year Hazel Atlas would be the first glass house in America to produce for widespread use, a colored transparent dinnerware, which today we refer to as Depression Glass. The Ovide pattern, which was produced only in green, would become the testing ground for the large majority of the Hazel Atlas dinnerware lines over the next 30+ years.

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Is there a newsletter for Hazel Atlas Depression glass?

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