Is Intelius a legitimate site?

Is Intelius a legitimate site?

Is Intelius legit? Intelius is a legitimate, accredited business with an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, and not a scam.

How do I get a background check in Canada?

Use the RCMP database to get a certified criminal record check for a minimal fee. The RCMP is the most trusted resource in Canada to use for criminal background checks, because you get information on the exact Canadian citizen you want — because, for this check, you use their fingerprints.

Is Intelius a free website?

Is Intelius free? Intelius offers a basic people search for free. You’ll get some pretty limited information based on a person’s name, including their age, location history, relatives, the first six digits of any phone numbers, and employment and education history.

How much is Intelius a month?


Plan Pricing
1 Month of Unlimited Reports $24.86
2 Months of Unlimited Reports $42.25

Which is better Intelius or TruthFinder?

In terms of costs, it’s better to choose Intelius if you only need a few results about someone’s background because it is possible to purchase people search reports for a lower, one-off fee, while TruthFinder is the better option for those who wish to run several complete background checks.

What happened to Intelius?

Exclusive: Intelius sold to private equity firm, Naveen Jain leaving to launch health tech startup. Background check provider Intelius and its Bellevue-based parent company, Inome Inc., have been sold to private equity firm H.I.G. in a deal that tops $100 million, GeekWire has learned.

What shows up on criminal record check Canada?

Criminal Record Checks in Canada There are two types, and the most used is the name-based criminal record check. This search includes criminal convictions and court records. It looks for court orders, charges, and warrants on the subject. The third category is a vulnerable sector check.

Can background check reveal salary Canada?

An employment verification in Canada confirms a candidate’s employment history by contacting companies’ Human Resource and payroll departments. Common information verified during an employment verification in Canada includes start and end date, reason for leaving, salary, and if the candidate is eligible for rehire.

What happened to Intelius app?

How much does Intelius cost?

Intelius memberships cost $24.86 per month, with a discounted rate of $42.25 for two months. However, the company has occasional online offers for additional discounts or opportunities to pay for a five-day trial period. You can pay for your Intelius account by using a credit card, debit card or PayPal.

Are TruthFinder and Intelius the same?

While they were both founded in 2003, their individual takes on presenting public records to an inquisitive user differs by quite a margin. Where Intelius believes that people should have multiple tools to categorize the results, TruthFinder instead aims to create a report that is comprehensive for everyone.

Does your criminal record clear after 7 years in Canada?

A criminal conviction in Canada, with no suspensions, will last up to 80 years before being struck from the record as standard. In some exceptional cases, this duration will be increased to 100 years. Unlike minors, adults only have an automatic strike from the records decades after the conviction.

Is Intelius a consumer reporting agency?

Intelius is the leading provider of public data about people and their connections to others. Intelius does not provide consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

What is Intelius and how does it work?

Rather than tracking down governmental agencies and sending individual requests, Intelius People Search and Intelius Premier allow users to avoid that hassle, ultimately receiving an organized report with minimal effort. Perhaps the most important aspect to note of Intelius is that there is no Intelius free trial.

How much does Intelius people search cost?

According to the website, for $3.95, Intelius People Search reports can generate the following and more: People Search Plus will include everything in the basic Intelius People Search as well as social networks and email addresses for $9.95.

Can Intelius reports be used for background checks?

Intelius reports cannot be used for background checks related to consumer credit, insurance, employment, housing or any other purpose prohibited under the FCRA. You may not use any information obtained from Intelius for any purpose covered by the FCRA.