Is just breathe a cover?

Is just breathe a cover?

Miley Cyrus has released her country soul cover of Pearl Jam’s “Just Breathe” from her MTV Unplugged Presents Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions.

What does the quote just breathe mean?

Everyone says it…’Just breathe, you will feel better. In fact you are breathing right now and it doesn’t seem to be helping…you’re still stressed out. When you focus on your breathing, it forces your stressors or anxiety to take a back seat. Mindful breathing is a totally different form of breathing.

Who has covered just breathe?


Title Performer Info
Just Breathe Pearl Jam First release
Tuolomne Eddie Vedder Unverified
Just Breathe Willie Nelson with Lukas Nelson
Just Breathe Facundo Arana

Is just breathe by Pearl Jam a cover?

But when the respected country musician took on a cover from the Pearl Jam catalog, it was only a matter of time before it came to our desk. On his new album ‘Heroes,’ Willie does a rendition of ‘Just Breathe’ — the heartfelt ballad originally from Pearl Jam’s 2009 album ‘Backspacer. ‘

Who wrote just breathe song?

Eddie Vedder
Matt Donald
Just Breathe/Lyricists

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Who was just breathe written about?

‘ It’s one last blast of intensity before ‘Ten’ wraps with ‘Release. ‘ Some fans have postulated that Eddie Vedder wrote the lyrics about Andrew Wood, the late singer from Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament’s pre-Pearl Jam band, Mother Love Bone.

Who sang the song just breathe first?

Pearl Jam
Just Breathe (song)

“Just Breathe”
Songwriter(s) Eddie Vedder
Producer(s) Brendan O’Brien
Pearl Jam singles chronology
“The Fixer” (2009) “Got Some” / “Just Breathe” (2009) “Amongst the Waves” (2010)

Who’s in the video just breathe with Willie Nelson?

Willie Nelson’s Son Joined Him In “Just Breathe” As an added bonus, Nelson’s version of “Just Breathe” featured the guest vocals of his son, Lukas Nelson. Lukas is one of Nelson’s seven children he has fathered throughout his life and is currently following his father’s star-studded footsteps.

Who wrote breathe Vedder?