Is Mandy casting legit?

Is Mandy casting legit?

Mandy has a consumer rating of 4.07 stars from 437 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Mandy most frequently mention great place, job opportunities and film industry. Mandy ranks 1st among Acting sites.

What is a Mandy profile?

CREATE A PROFILE & FIND YOUR NEXT JOB The Mandy Network provides industry-leading tools which empower creative professionals to connect and find jobs across all sectors of Film, TV, Theatre and Commercial Production.

How do I post an opportunity on Mandy?


  1. Name of your company.
  2. Name of your production.
  3. A brief outline of the plot/project.
  4. Character breakdowns – as detailed as possible (gender, age, ethnicity etc.)
  5. Extra skills actors may require.
  6. Venue for performance/filming/
  7. Date of performances/filming and length of the contract.

Is Mandy UK free?

Free membership to will allow you to create a profile and gives you access to the Opportunities section of the directory. With a premium membership, you can access all Jobs and apply for castings listed therein.

How do I cancel Mandy?

How do I cancel my contract?

  1. Log in to your profile.
  2. Click on Settings and select Payment History from the dropdown menu.
  3. You will find a link that will redirect you to cancel your contract.

Who is Mandy? brings together the world’s largest network of actors, film, tv, and theatre production professionals, voiceover artists, music professionals, and employers working in the entertainment industry.

Where is Mandy located?

Shadow Mountains
Plot. Somewhere near the Shadow Mountains in the year 1983, Red Miller lives with his girlfriend, artist Mandy Bloom, in a cabin near the lake. Red works as a logger, while Mandy has a day job as a cashier at a nearby gas station in the woods.

How do I delete my Mandy actors account?

How can I remove my profile?

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. On the top menu select Accounts Settings.
  3. Archive your Profile.

Are backstage and Mandy the same thing?

Backstage, a freelance marketplace connecting talent and content creators, has acquired StarNow, a New Zealand-based talent platform for actors, models, influencers and musicians; and The Mandy Network, a UK-based talent platform for cast, crew, production services and creative professionals.

Is Backstage legit?

Backstage has a consumer rating of 3.66 stars from 220 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Backstage most frequently mention customer service, long time and timely manner. Backstage ranks 2nd among Talent Agency sites.

Is Mandy a name?

Mandy can be used as a given name, a diminutive, or a nickname, for both female and male genders. It is often used as a diminutive (i.e., short form, see hypocorism) of the female names Amanda and Miranda, or as a given name in its own right. Variants, for both male and female, include Mandi, Mandie, and Manda.

Are they demons in Mandy?

The Black Skulls are major antagonists from the 2018 horror movie Mandy They are a group of seemingly demonic bikers who are mostly hired by the Children of the New Dawn cult to hunt down and kill people either on payment or for their own pleasure.