Is Monoprix a good brand?

Is Monoprix a good brand?

Founded in 1932, Monoprix is a renowned French brand offering the best of food retailing along with household items, perfumes, gift items and more.

Where are the Monoprix stores in Qatar?

Launched in 2019, monop’ stores are present in Le Boulevard, Al sadd and Porto Arabia, Tower 13, The Pearl –Qatar The French retail chain is continuously expanding its presence in Qatar. The Hypermarket will soon open the first Monoprix in Qatar with the SMART Retail Solution at Msheireb Downtown Doha.

Is the Monoprix in Saint Germain worth it?

This Monoprix is fine but NOT the big one where you can find almost anything! If you need to grab some food or do a little shopping for wine, etc, it’s helpful. But if you are doing your “Monoprix Run” kind of like we do… “Target Run” in US, then go to the bigger store in Saint Germain for a MUCH larger selection. Helpful?