Is Pottermore discontinued?

Is Pottermore discontinued?

Have you wondered what happened to Pottermore in 2019? The interactive website featured new writing on Harry Potter from Rowling and was tied to the launch of the original seven books in eBook format. …

Who is Marlene McKinnon shipped with?

5. Marlene McKinnon x Dorcas Meadows (Dorlene)

Why was Pottermore closed?

The site announced it will shut down Pottermore less than a decade after going live in order to transition to a new website known as The Wizarding World. This rebranding is being done to honor future Harry Potter projects which may not fit within Pottermore, but the site’s existing user base shouldn’t be too scared.

Is Harry Potter for 7 years old?

7–9: A great age to begin (for younger kids, consider reading aloud together). Read: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Where is pottermore gone?

The Pottermore website closed in October 2019 and was replaced by, to which a large part of the content has been migrated. Pottermore Publishing remains the publisher of the e-book editions of the Harry Potter books.

Why is pottermore not letting me join?

It means that you must have typed in your birthday and you’re under 13. The website won’t let you join if you are under 13.

Was Marlene McKinnon married?

Marlene’s four brothers are all wizards as well. Marlene is the cousin to Pure-Blood Wizard Preston Fawley….Marlene McKinnon.

Marlene Black (née McKinnon)
Biographical information
Sig. Other Sirius Black
Marital Status Married
Also known as Mar Marls Marley Kitty Chaton (Sirius) Mrs.Padfoot (Marauders) Marlene Bellisario Marlene Black

Why is the Ilvermorny quiz gone?

Rowling quickly received backlash for her work on Ilvermorny due to allegations of cultural appropriation and copyright infringement. While the Ilvermorny quiz stayed up for years following these allegations, it’s possible that these are reasons why the quiz was ultimately taken down.

Why is Goblet of Fire PG 13?

Both “Goblet of Fire” and “Order of the Phoenix” were rated PG-13 for “sequences of fantasy violence and frightening images,” according to descriptors provided by the ratings board. “Half-Blood Prince” is rated PG for “scary images, some violence, language and mild sensuality.”

How old is Emma Watson?

31 years (April 15, 1990)
Emma Watson/Age

How do I login Pottermore?

– Go to and click on the log-in symbol in the top right corner. – Enter the email address you used for – Create a new password. – Fill in your information – Name, Birthday, Country, and sign up / opt out to receive their newsletters.

What is Pottermore and how does it work?

It began with interactive features such as games and let the user follow each chapter of Harry Potter from the Philosopher’s Stone to the ending of the Deathly Hallows. It placed users in their Hogwarts house and gave them a wand. In 2016, Pottermore was remade and relaunched in the style of a blog.

What languages are available on Pottermore?

English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and Only E-Books and Digital Audio books in Portuguese. Not required to read content. Required to be sorted. Pottermore Ltd. is the digital publishing, e-commerce, entertainment and news company from J. K. Rowling, and is a global digital publisher of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World.

What is JK Rowling’s Pottermore?

Pottermore, the digital publishing, e-commerce, entertainment and news company from J.K. Rowling, is the global digital publisher of Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. As the digital heart of J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, is dedicated to unlocking the power of imagination.

When did Pottermore open to the public?

Before it opened, one million people received a chance to preview the site before its general launch in early April 2012. It was opened for the public on 14 April 2012. Pottermore was available to the general public for free up until it was rebranded in 2019 as Wizarding World .