Is the aurora visible right now?

Is the aurora visible right now?

Aurora borealis activity is currently elevated. Weather permitting, larger northern lights displays could be visible directly overhead in most northern communities.

How far in advance can Northern Lights be predicted?

As a naturally occurring phenomenon, the appearance of the Northern Lights is notoriously difficult to predict any further in advance than about two hours before it happens.

Where can I see the Northern Lights tonight in Tromso?

Top 4 places to see the Northern lights are:

  • Brosmetinden Mountain. Around an hours drive from Tromso and said to be an easy hike – I wouldn’t know.
  • Skulsfjord. A 25 minute drive north from Tromso is an area of great beauty.
  • Otertinden. For the people who eat oats, fruit and tigers for breakfast.
  • Ersfjord.

Can you forecast Northern Lights?

Using real-time solar wind data from Nasa’s ACE spacecraft, matched with data obtained from a network of magnetometers located worldwide, we are able to forecast, with reasonable accuracy, how the Northern Lights will behave up to one hour in advance. The image shows estimated aurora activity now.

Where can I see the Northern Lights in January 2021?

According to him, spots like Fairbanks in Alaska, Whitehorse, Yellowknife and Churchill in Canada, and Iceland and northern Norway are all safe bets.

When can you see Northern Lights in Michigan 2021?

The Best time to see the Northern Lights in Michigan is between August-April. The best viewing months for the Aurora Borealis is April, October, and November! Ideally the weather is crisp, clear, and cold with no cloud or snow activity!

How can you tell if there is aurora borealis?

The aurora is at its most active around the equinoxes in March and September. The Northern Lights most commonly appear between 17:00 and 02:00. They don’t usually exhibit for long – they may only show for a few minutes, then glide away before returning.

Is Tromso expensive?

Many people think Tromso is expensive, and they’re not entirely wrong. Norway is one of the more expensive destinations to travel in the world, and as a result, Tromso is also an expensive destination. Keep in mind that traveling to Tromso on a budget is still relatively high compared to other destinations.

Where can I see the Northern Lights in the US in 2021?

If and when the conditions are right, you can catch auroras in most northern-border states such as Maine or Montana. And catching the lights here isn’t merely a pipe dream: In early October 2021, northern lights painted the skies from New Hampshire to Glacier National Park.

Can you see the Northern Lights in Pennsylvania 2021?

Seeing the Northern Lights at such low latitudes, such as in Pennsylvania, is extremely rare. Experts say to have your best chance at seeing any this weekend, you’ll need to get away from city lights and light pollution and find the darkest skies possible.

Where to see the Christmas lights in Tromso?

The Forecast has also pointed out 3 hotspots which are ideal for seeing the lights. Camp Tamok, Lyngen and Malangen are all within 90 minutes drive from Tromso. They have all unique landscape, society and history.

What is Tromso famous for?

The Arctic capital of Tromso is a city with modern restaurants and shops, surrounded by unspoiled wilderness. The Northern Lights reveals itself mostly north of the Arctic circle, and Tromso is located in the centre of the Aurora heartland. In fact, it has one of the worlds highest densities of the Northern Lights!

How do I know the night forecast for Alaska’s Aurora?

If you want to know Alaska’s night forecast from midnight to sunrise, when the aurora is often more active, you should look at the next day’s forecast. For example, if you want to know the forecast for auroral activity in Alaska for the night of March 1 and early morning of March 2, look at the forecast for March 2, UTC.

Where can I find information about the current auroral conditions?

Visit the magnetometer monitor for a chart of the current conditions. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) OVATION Aurora Forecast Model is updated every 30 minutes. The animation shows auroral activity that occurred over the Northern Hemisphere in the last 24 hours.