Is the LeMat revolver the best?

Is the LeMat revolver the best?

Our gold medal winner, the Lemat Revolver packs a deadly punch with beautiful styling. Although it deals slightly less damage than the Navy Revolver and is slightly less accurate than the Schofield, the Lemat has two features that set it above the competition.

How accurate was the LeMat revolver?

The original revolver, constructed of blued steel with grips of checkered walnut, was not considered to be a very accurate weapon although it was deadly at close range.

What is the LeMat revolver based on?

44-Cal. Black-Powder Revolver is a faithful reproduction of the original LeMat revolver, also known as the “Grape Shot Revolver.” Roughly 2,900 were produced, developed in New Orleans in 1856 by Dr. Jean LeMat and backed by Pierre G.T. Beauregard, who was to become a general with the Confederacy.

Who used a LeMat revolver?

These revolvers were manufactured from 1856 to 1865, with less than 2,900 being produced. They were made in Paris, France, and Birmingham, England. Many were purchased by the Confederacy and used by such famous high-ranking Confederate officers as J. E. B. Stuart.

How much does LeMat revolver cost?

In Online, the revolver can also be purchased from any gunsmith or from the handheld catalogue that the Online protagonist carries on-hand. In both cases, the LeMat is the most expensive revolver in both Redemption 2 and Online, costing $172 in Red Dead Redemption 2 and twice as much, at $317 in Online.

Where is the LeMat Revolver Red Dead?

To get the Lemat Revolver, you will need to play through the campaign to the mission A Fine Night of Debauchery. When the mission is complete, you will be able to purchase the Lemat Revolver from the gunsmith in Saint-Denis. It will cost $317, making it the most expensive revolver in the game.

Is there a modern LeMat revolver?

The new model LeMat revolver: a modern iteration of a classic New Orleans design. Approximately 2,900 LeMat revolvers were produced. Our model LeMat revolver, using cartridge ammunition, is a nine-shot center fire surrounding a twenty-gauge smooth bore shotgun barrel.

What revolver did the Confederate Army use?

Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver During the Civil War, Robert E. Lee was equipped with an 1851 Navy and the revolver model was the most prominently used by Confederate forces.

Can you still buy LeMat revolvers?

The LeMat Revolver can be purchased in Red Dead Online at any Gunsmith or from the Handheld Catalogue, for a price of $317.00 or 13 Gold Bars .

Can you own a LeMat Revolver?

The Le Mat revolver is a percussion fired muzzleloading gun. As such, it is legally considered an antique gun rather than a firearm in the USA.

How do I unlock my LeMat?


  1. In multiplayer, the LeMat Revolver is unlocked into the player’s regular inventory upon reaching rank 46.
  2. It can also be obtained by killing another player who has the weapon equipped.
  3. In Free Roam, the revolver can be found in Fort Mercer.

How do you unlock the M1899 in rdr2?

To unlock the M1899 Pistol, you must first complete of the mission “The Battle of Shady Belle”. Only stocked by the best gunsmith in Saint Denis, the M1899 by Peeters & Janssens is a thoroughly modern sidearm.

What kind of gun is a LeMat revolver?

The LeMat revolver was a .42 or .36 caliber cap & ball black powder revolver invented by Jean Alexandre LeMat of New Orleans, which featured an unusual secondary 20 gauge smooth-bore barrel capable of firing buckshot. It saw service with the armed forces of the Confederate States of America during…

Did General Beauregard use a LeMat revolver?

Confederate Major General J. E. B. Stuart “was known to favor the LeMat revolver”. General Beauregard’s personal engraved LeMat, which he carried throughout the war, is preserved at the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia. The LeMat revolver was manufactured from 1856 to 1865, with approximately 2,900 being produced.

What is the muzzle velocity of a lelemat revolver?

LeMat Revolver Muzzle velocity 620 ft/s (190 m/s) Effective firing range 40 yd Maximum firing range 100 yd Feed system 8-round cylinder; and single-shot smooth

What are the different variants of the LeMat?

Variants Muzzle Loader – The first variant of the LeMat. Pinfire Cartridge – Second variant, can be recognised by cylinder. Centerfire – The centerfire variant came with a distinctive grip. Carbine – A rare variant with extended barrels and a rifle type stock totalling 20″ in length.