Is the Yamaha XT 660x the ultimate urban weapon of the city?

Is the Yamaha XT 660x the ultimate urban weapon of the city?

While stressing the Yamaha XT660X is no competition machine, the men at Yamaha are also at pains to portray it as an urban weapon of the highest order. A glance through the press pack confirms this, with mean and moody urban action shots of riders backing the bike into corners, fully sideways and cool as you like.

Is the Honda XT660X a supermoto?

Now you can get all the practicality of the XT660X, with all the good looks of a supermoto plus an extra dose of handling and braking thrown into the bargain, and the price isn’t bad either

Is the Falken rt-660 a good car?

The RT-660 is a player, at least for autocross use. It will most likely take some car setup changes and driver familiarization to extract all that it has to give, but it delivers enough to be considered alongside other category front-runners. While not its primary strength, the new Falken is a solid performer on track.

Why is the rt-660 so hard to drive?

The RT-660’s lap times fell about halfway between the other two tires. Its prodigious grip gave up some in long turns and was difficult to modulate–especially on a bumpy surface. It was also a challenge to trail-brake, causing it to lose time on corner entries after long straights.

When did the Yamaha XT660R first come out?

2004: Yamaha XT660R and Yamaha XT660X introduced. Yamaha XT660X (XT660R specs below): 17-inch Excel rims, 320mm front disc, 177kg, 875mm seat height. 18 owners have reviewed their YAMAHA XT660R (2004 – 2017) and rated it in a number of areas. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below.

Is the Yamaha XT660X a good Thumper to ride?

The Yamaha XT660X is a fun to ride thumper, particularly around the lanes, with enough pace to pass traffic. The down side of the bike is that it is weighty and lumpy at low speeds. I use mine for back lane and B-road blasts and poor weather riding.