Is there a market in Sitges?

Is there a market in Sitges?

In Sitges, markets are held on Thursday and Saturday mornings. In the case of the Thursday market, which is held on the Passeig de Vilafranca, clothing and home accessories dominate the selection of goods on offer, but there is also room for food products.

Is Sitges Spain expensive?

But if you are looking for a property to buy in Spain at low prices, pay attention to the coast of Castellon. The city of Almazora, with 804 euros per square meter, is the cheapest option, which can be found here.

What language is spoken in Sitges?


Postal code 08870
Dialing code 93
Official languages Catalan Spanish

Is Sitges Spain worth visiting?

After a couple of days in Barcelona (see separate review) my friend, who was visiting from Canada, and I headed off for a week in Sitges. Sitges is situated about 35 kilometres South West of Barcelona and is renowned for it’s film festival and carnival.

What province is Sitges in?


What is the main shopping area in Barcelona?

La Rambla. In the most famous street of Barcelona, you can find a lot of Kiosks, flower stalls, souvenirs kiosks and street artists. Many stores can be found along the street, such as Desigual, Springfield, Adidas, Custo and many small shops.

Did Catalonia get independence?

The declaration did not receive recognition from the international community. On October 10, in the aftermath of the 1 October 2017 Catalan independence referendum, a document declaring Catalonia to be an independent republic was signed by the members of Catalonia’s pro-independence parliamentary majority.

Where can I go shopping in Sitges?

Also, for a more Spanish experience, try shopping in the food market and the local delicatessens, bakers and butchers rather than the supermarkets. For advice on the various places to go to do your food shopping in Sitges, see our Guide to the Supermarkets in Sitges. Sitges’ largest market is a food market.

What is the best shopping centre in Barcelona?

The Diagonal Mar shopping centre is one of the biggest in Barcelona, offering about 200 shops where everyone can find something they look for. It is located at the very end of the Diagonal Avenue, where it meets the Mediterranean sea, in the Sant Martí district.

Where can I buy clothes in Barcelona?

In the town centre you will find a wide range of shops selling men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, household goods, souvenirs, chocolates, music, shoes and everything in-between. If what you want is clothes and gifts, much of this can be found in the streets surrounding the central Plaça Cap de la Vila square.

Where is Diagonal Mar in Barcelona?

It is located at the very end of the Diagonal Avenue, where it meets the Mediterranean sea, in the Sant Martí district. You can visit Diagonal Mar after spending a day at the beach, that is only 5 minutes away from the mall.