Is there any cheat codes for IGI 2?

Is there any cheat codes for IGI 2?

Unlock All Missions Hold CTRL+SHIFT+F9 while on the main menu, and start your game as you continue to hold them. Only the CTRL and SHIFT keys on the left side of the keyboard will work.

How do I enable cheats in IGI?

Enter these codes during game play after typing nada at the main menu.

  1. Easy Mode: easy.
  2. God Mode for Player and Team: allgod.
  3. Kill Enemies: ewww.
  4. Unlimited Ammo: allammo.
  5. All Weapons: hutid.

How can I drop my gun in IGI 2?

Press “G” when you come across a gun you wish to pick up. This will drop your current weapon.

How do you open the door in IGI 2?

hold the action button(possibilly ‘e’) and a loading bar will shown. hold until the bar gets full. gates and hacking into computer needs same thing. My best guess would be E and if it doesn’t work, the gate is locked.

How many levels are there in IGI 2?

19 missions
There are in all 19 missions in the game and the story in the Project IGI 2 Covert Strike PC game is presented via in-game movies.

How many parts are there in IGI game?

(People got inspirations from the IGI series and they have been making their own games but in sooth IGI is the best.) Note: There are a number of IGI clones on the internet. There are only two official IGI games which are official and released by codemasters studios-IGI 1:The mark and IGI2-covert strike.

What is the cheat of IGI 1?

igi 1 cheats and effects

diehard enemy die
holowman invisibility
imdone skip mission
stormydayq storm comes

How do you climb a ladder in Project IGI?

Press the use key and it’ll switch to a third-person view, and then moving forward will climb the ladder. For a quick way to go back down the ladders, instead of pressing backwards – press use. You’ll slide down the ladder.

How do you switch weapons in CS GO?

Open the console by pressing ~ . Type bind wheelup slot1 and press ↵ Enter . This will make scrolling up on the wheel automatically switch to your primary weapon.

What is full form of IGI?

The Full form of IGI is I am going in (Game), or IGI stands for I am going in (Game), or the full name of given abbreviation is I am going in (Game).

Has IGI 3 been released?

The first teaser for the next entry in the long-running covert ops shooter has arrived to give us a sense of what’s coming.

Is IGI 2 open world?

However, I.G.I. 2: Covert Strike breaks the mold by creating vast open maps to tackle how you want. You can go in guns blazing from the start or take a stealthy approach. These vast open maps allow you to take different paths, try other tactics and play the game the way you enjoy.

How to get unlimited ammo and health in IGI 2?

To get unlimited ammo and health in IGI 2 game you will need to download a small software that will do the work (Go to the link given above to download the software). You will need to press some keys that is explained in the post on above link. After following the post and this video you will probably become undying and, get unlimited ammo in IGI2.

How do you freeze ammo in IGI 2 Covert Strike?

Then open it it’ll show F1 – Freeze Health F2 – Freeze Ammo F3 – Freeze Grenade F4 – Freeze Magazine F5 – Back to normal [ OR ] Type nada in the main menu of IGI 2 Covert Strike and type the cheat codes It is mentioned below:

How do I install IGI 2 on my PC?

Go to www.igi 2 trainer and download the trainer file. Then install or extract it. You’ll get 2 files now copy those two files in the folder of IGI 2 pc and paste it.

How to do cheating in IGI 2?

Cheating in IGI 2: —————— Submitted by: Sudhanshu Warfighter Email: [email protected] To unlock all misions,Press LEFT CTRL+LEFTSHIFT+F9 on the main menu.It will unlock all missions in the level menu. To be invisible,type XALLEYESX+S&K in the main menu.It will toggle invisible cheat code.