Is Tropicraft free?

Is Tropicraft free?

Getting to the Tropics If you wish you include Tropicraft in your modpack or on your server, by all means, feel free!

Who made Tropicraft?

Tropicraft is a mod which adds a new dimension, the Tropics, as well as many items, blocks and mobs themed around a tropical island getaway….

Creator Cojomax99, fishtaco567, Corosus, MrRube
Latest Version 6.0.4
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website Tropicraft Website

How do you make pina colada Tropicraft?

Accessing Realm To make a Pina Colada, you’ll need to obtain a Coconut, then chop it with your sword, a whole pineapple (not pineapple chunks), and a Bamboo mug to make a Pina Colada. To get there, you have to sit in a beach chair drinking a Pina Colada, all while a sunset is taking place.

What version is Tropicraft?

Version 7.1.9
Supported Minecraft versions 1.12.2
Depends on Config Mod, CoroUtil, Extended Renderer, Build Mod, Weather Mod
URL Link

How do I get back to Tropicraft?

Accessing Realm You will spawn in the “spawn pool”, a small well of bubbling water. When you swim up, you will be in the Tropical Realm! To get back to the Overworld, simply drink another Pina Colada and jump into the pool.

How do you get coconut chunks in Tropicraft?

The Coconut Chunk is a food item from the Tropicraft mod. This item is obtained by bashing a Coconut with any tool that is counted as a sword. This will yield anywhere from 1-5 Coconut Chunks per Coconut.

How do you make limeade in Tropicraft?

The Limeade is a cocktail added by Tropicraft. It is created via a Drink Mixer by combining a Lime and a Sugar into an Empty Bamboo Mug. Its hunger restoration value is taken from its ingredients. Drinking it will return an Empty Bamboo Mug.

How do you make a beach chair in Tropicraft?

You must get bamboo, pineapples, wool, and coconuts from palm trees which are randomly spawned in biomes around Minecraftia. Then in the TMI menu off to the side of your inventory look for the recipe for beach chairs and umbrellas which are made of some of your bamboo and wool.

How do you trade in Tropicraft?

You switch to an item you want to trade with them. The item they are holding is the one they are trading, i.e. a scale helm. They will say something in either red, or white. When they accept a trade, (saying a word in white) you right click the Koa, and you have traded items.

How do you make pineapple cubes in Tropicraft?

The Pineapple Cubes is a food item from the Tropicraft mod. This item, when eaten, will restore 0.5 hunger shanks, or 1 hunger point. It can be obtained by slashing a Pineapple block with a sword. It will drop 1-4 cubes.

Where can I find a Tropicraft coconut?

Coconut is a block added by the Tropicraft mod. It is a piece of consumable food found at the top of Palm Trees in both the Overworld and Tropica.