Is Wolf Blass Shiraz a good wine?

Is Wolf Blass Shiraz a good wine?

The Wolf Blass team have done it again, as Wolf Blass Grey Label McLaren Vale Shiraz 2014 is awarded the Trophy for Best Red Wine from Australia, and Wolf Blass Medlands Vineyard Platinum Label Shiraz 2010 the Trophy for Best Syrah/Shiraz at the 2017 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition.

Is Wolf Blass a good red wine?

Dark rich and ultra sophisticated. With a record for reliability and quality that would be the envy of a Japanese car manufacturer the Red Label is at the vanguard of the Wolf Blass quest for world domination. One of the wines that made Australia great….Wolf Blass Red Label Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon.

ABV 14%
Grape Mix Shiraz and Cabernet blend

What is the best Wolf Blass wine?

Wolf Blass Black Label Cabernet Shiraz 2016 was awarded the Quervin Trophy for the Best Cabernet-Dominant Blend and Wolf Blass Grey Label Cabernet Shiraz 2016 was awarded the Openbook Howden Trophy for The Best Wine $25-$60.

What type of wine is Wolf Blass?

Wolf Blass Silver Label offers just 2 wines, but each showing contemporary style from specific regions, a Chardonnay from cool climate Limestone Coast and Adelaide Hills, and a Shiraz/Cabernet from a combination of the Wolf Blass heartland, Barossa Valley, and the Limestone Hills.

Is Wolf Blass Shiraz sweet?

Wolf BlassYellow Label Shiraz. , spices and sweet vanillin oak on the nose, medium bodied with jammy dark fruits on the palate. It is medium finish with firm tannins. A easy match for winter recipes.

Is Wolf Blass Australian owned?

You’d think Wolf Blass, the man behind the brand bearing his name, still ran the show, but the wine empire he founded is actually owned by Australian giant Treasury Wine Estates.

Is Wolf Blass Red Label Shiraz Cabernet vegan?

Wolf Blass Winery is NOT vegan friendly – Barnivore vegan booze guide.

What is Wolf Blass worth?

His interests outside winemaking are a stable of racehorses and a restaurant in the Adelaide suburb of Glenelg. He also sponsors an arctic wolf in the Adelaide Zoo. Its name is Blass. Estimated minimum net worth: $38 million.

Is Wolf Blass Wines Australian owned?

Is Wolf Blass tawny a port?

Wolf Blass Red Label Australian Tawny is a rich, luscious barrel-aged fortified wine with complex aromas of raisin and maple, and soft, mellow flavours of dried fruits, toasted nuts and hints of smooth chocolate….Overview.

Varietal Tawny Port
Vintage Non Vintage
Country Australia
Volume 750 mL
Enclosure Screw Cap

Who is Wolf Blass married to?

Shirley Nyberg-Blass
Although Wolf Blass Wines’ home is in the Barossa Valley, the 84-year-old was driving through Hahndorf one day with his wife Shirley Nyberg-Blass when they spotted the BankSA building was up for lease.

Is Wolf Blass Chinese owned?

Wolf Blass is an Australian winery based in Nuriootpa, South Australia within the Barossa Valley wine region.