Phone Validators: Tool Almost Every Business Forget About

Phone Validators: Tool Almost Every Business Forget About

The growth in technology has come with numerous advantages, as well as drawbacks. Among the drawbacks are the ever increasing fraud and fake identity cases—and this is becoming a serious issue for many businesses. Today, it’s become common for business owners to receive emails and calls from fraudsters.

What they don’t know is—they can easily avert such menace with a phone validator tool. However, many businesses seem to have forgotten this tool, and the benefits that come with it. Phone validators provide real-time analysis and validation for both international and local phone numbers for various reasons.

With that, let’s look at the top benefits that businesses are missing without phone validators.

Saves your business a lot of money

Yes, you will spend money and get a phone validation tool. And this one thing that deters businesses from getting these tools. However, this should be part of a business’ expenditure—and it’s worth investing in a phone validation tool since it helps to save money in the future.

With correct phone numbers, it means you’ll be targeting the right people, and you will not waste any money sending messages to invalid or wrong numbers.

Saves time

As the old age saying goes, “time is money”. And since time is always limited, we should always do whatever we can to save time. And this is what phone validators do—they make your job easier by ensuring you only contact the people you are targeting.

Research indicates that an average employee wastes around 94 minutes every day—excluding lunch breaks and other allowed breaks. Now, this is the time that employees waste deliberately, and it doesn’t consider the time employees waste trying to contact the wrong number.

On average, an employee spends up to one minute searching for a number to contact. Besides, it can take an additional minute to contact the other person—not knowing they are contacting the wrong number. Unfortunately, most employees don’t just hang up if they are talking to the wrong number. They are required to handle the situation politely and professionally. That means an employee wastes an average of 2 minutes on every wrong number they dial. Besides, the employee might be required to keep records of all calls they make, which leads to more time wasted. However, this shouldn’t be the case if you have a phone validation tool like the phone validation tool by Byteplant.

Helps to boost customer satisfaction

The last thing any customer wants to hear is that you sent a message to the wrong number while trying to contact them or you couldn’t reach them. They always expect businesses to be updated and have their correct information.

Interestingly, it’s very hard to convince your customers that you dialed or called the wrong number. They expect you to do the due diligence and avoid complaining of a mistake you made. This shows the importance of businesses having a phone validation tool if they contact their customers regularly.

Besides, your customer service improves if you have the right number. While emails are a bit slow, phone numbers provide a platform for instant communication—they allow businesses to contact their customers quickly and seamlessly. Most businesses rely on text messages to send important information, like schedule changes. So, imagine the inconvenience you can cause to your customers by not knowing that a meeting was postponed, or you’ll be closing your business for the holidays.

Helps in your marketing strategies

Most businesses still depend on SMS marketing, bearing in mind that over 3.5 billion people across the world own mobile phones. Recent reports indicate that close to half of the world’s population will own at least one mobile phone in the future. That’s why businesses keep on investing thousands of dollars in phone marketing every year. However, your phone marketing strategies can flop if you have the wrong phone numbers—and you will have a poor ROI.

Businesses should be cautious with their phone marketing strategies. For instance, if you sell outfits for ladies above 30, you should target ladies who are in their 30s. Sending messages to teenagers or ladies in their 60s won’t give you positive results.

Makes delivery easier

Most online businesses rely on phone numbers when making deliveries. They use these numbers to exchange information like delivery time or location. Besides, the person making the delivery will need to contact the buyer to arrange for a pickup location.

With this, we cannot be wrong to say that online business thrives on mobile communication. Thus, having wrong phone numbers can lead to wrong or delayed deliveries—and this can negatively affect a business. Besides, this can also affect the reputation of your business. Thus, the best way to ensure you have seamless deliveries is to validate the phone numbers in your database.