What are 170 degree hinges for?

What are 170 degree hinges for?

The unique design allows the hinge to open at a 170° angle. Designed to be used in applications where the door sits in front of the carcass of the cabinet. The larger opening angle of this hinge means the door can fold almost flat against the adjacent door allowing much wider access into the cabinet.

How do you adjust a 170 degree cabinet hinge?

Mount the doors by clipping the hinge arms onto the mounting plates. All measurements are in millimeters. Turning this screw clockwise adjusts the door down; counterclockwise, up. Turning this screw clockwise adjusts the door inward; counterclockwise, outward.

What are 165 degree hinges used for?

Our 165 Degree Door Hinges are designed to be used in replacement of our Standard Door Hinges where the door is required to open further than 110 degrees, like in cases where internal drawers have been installed.

What is a 180 degree door hinge?

Parliament and Projection hinges are typically used to allow doors to open fully up to 180 degrees, often a pair of doors dividing rooms or pairs of French Doors. These days they are generally made form brass or stainless steel, plain steel parliament hinges are a thing of the past.

What degree hinge do I need?

This is the angle that the door opens out from the cupboard – the most common opening angles are between 95° – 110°. Or they may be larger, up to 170° for corner units, or smaller 40/50° for half doors that close into a corner.

What does degree mean in cabinet hinges?

One element of these hinges that’s always specified but rarely explained is degree of opening. Think of the degree of opening as the cabinet door’s range of travel from a closed position (0°) to a fully open position (anywhere from 90° to 170°), and then choose based on the application.

How do you adjust a 165 degree hinge?

The 165 degree hinge works in the same way.

  1. To adjust door up and down, turn the screw in the centre of the hinge (located on the plate)
  2. To adjust door in and out, turn the screw at the rear of the hinge.
  3. To adjust the door from side to side, turn the screw to the front of the hinge arm.

Can a door open 180 degrees?

When doors are open, they often take up some of the interior space and are in the way. When doors open 180 degrees, they are out of the way and the rest of the room can function as normal because there is no door to watch out for!

What is a 270 degree hinge?

Description. 270° pivot hinges allow total access to televisions, DVDs, VCRs and pullouts: Wrap-around design surface mounts to cabinet wall and 35mm door hole, bored at 13mm on center from the edge of the door. (Bored hole leaves an opening on the door edge.)