What are alligator hair clips used for?

What are alligator hair clips used for?

What Are Alligator Clips? An alligator clip for hair is primarily used to hold hair back off the face. In the early part of the century they were used by stylists to hold curls in place until set.

What does an alligator clip look like?

An alligator clip (also called a crocodile clip outside of the US) is a spring loaded metal clip that is used for making temporary electrical connections. The name comes from the resemblance to an alligator or crocodile’s jaws as the clip is sometimes serrated with little “teeth”.

What supplies do you need to make hair bows?

Before you begin you will need some supplies:

  1. -scissors.
  2. -alligator clip of your choice.
  3. -3/8″ grosgrain ribbon.
  4. -7/8″ grosgrain ribbon.
  5. – hot glue gun with glue sticks.
  6. -needle and thread.

Can a grown woman wear a hair bow?

Yes, hair bows are most commonly seen adorning a ponytail, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear yours that way! Don’t let the norms keep you inside the hair bow box, just as long as you’re not looking like Minnie Mouse or a 5-year-old girl, your bow is perfect.

Can you wear a bow tie with jeans?

Bow ties are often associated with formal events, but they can be worn with casual clothing as well. One of the best ways of dressing down bow ties is to wear them with a pair of jeans. The jeans trousers can be of different colors and styles to bring out one’s personality.

How do you attach a bow to an alligator clip?

Run a short length of glue along the centre of the top jaw of the alligator clip. (Don’t run the glue along the whole length of the clip top as the bow won’t cover that far). Gently press your bow in place and your pretty clip is all complete!

What sizes do alligator clips come in?

Standard alligator clips are available in sizes from 1.35” length to 2.25”. Double prong alligator clips are available as well as our popular flat alligator clips with teeth which have a larger flat surface to attach bows to and also have more grip in hair.

Why choose the hairbow Center for your alligator clip?

The HairBow Center has gone to great lengths on a quest for a high-quality alligator clip that is up to our standards, because we know that ultimately, it is our customers’ standards that matter! Our alligator clips are constructed of steel and are strong and sturdy to hold up to tugging little fingers that aren’t always so gentle!

Why choose alligator pinch clips?

Just as important, the springs are strong with great tension and an easy and smooth action for a great-holding clip. Alligator pinch clips are perfect for small bows and clippies up to medium sized with our larger clips.