What are strange things in space?

What are strange things in space?

The nine most mysterious objects in the Universe

  • ‘Oumuamua.
  • The Red Rectangle Nebula.
  • Planet Nine.
  • Galaxy X.
  • Elst-Pizarro.
  • Tabby’s Star.
  • FRB 121102.
  • Hoag’s Object.

What discoveries have been found in space?

They hunted through radio waves for mystery signals, discovered new galaxies and even figured out which alien star systems might be able to detect Earth.

  • Radio emissions from an alien world.
  • X-ray blobs bursting from the Milky Way.
  • A long-lost rocket booster.
  • Ghostly radio circles.
  • A million new galaxies.

What is the rarest thing in space?

He designed a rocking horse made of 24-carat gold. Scientists have spotted the “rarest event ever recorded”, in a major breakthrough as part of attempts to solve a dark matter mystery.

What is the most unknown thing in the world?

Here are a handful of things on this planet that you probably had no idea existed.

  • Vantablack is the darkest known substance in the universe.
  • The blue angel sea slug looks like an alien.
  • Aerogel looks like a slice of cloud.
  • Rainbow eucalyptus trees have candy-colored bark.

Is there a planet made of diamonds?

Another planet, 55 Cancri e, has been called a “super-Earth” because, like Earth, it is a rocky planet orbiting a sun-like star, but it has twice the radius and eight times the mass. The researchers who discovered it in 2012 concluded that it was carbon-rich, making an abundance of diamond likely.

Can a wormhole exist?

In the early days of research on black holes, before they even had that name, physicists did not yet know if these bizarre objects existed in the real world. The original idea of a wormhole came from physicists Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen. …

Are there humans in space right now?

Currently, 14 astronauts aboard three different spacecraft are in space. They are NASA astronauts Shane Kimbrough, Megan McArthur and Mark Vande Hei; Japan’s Akihiko Hoshide; Russian cosmonauts Pyotr Dubrov and Oleg Novitskiy, and European Space Agency’s Thomas Pesquet, according to NASA records.

What did NASA invent?

Infrared thermometer
Space blanketVentricular assist deviceRocker-bogieR5

What is the most rare event?

Dark matter scientists observe the ‘rarest event ever recorded’ The universe is almost 14 billion years old. This process takes a trillion times longer. The XENON1T detector has allowed scientists to observe an ultra-rare event: the radioactive decay of xenon-124.

What are the scariest things in space?

These Scary Things in Space Will Haunt Your Dreams

  • Halloween Skull in Space.
  • Zombie Pac-Man Nebula.
  • Witch Head Nebula.
  • Eye of Sauron is Watching You.
  • The Face on Mars.
  • Ghost Head Nebula.
  • Black Widow Nebula. NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ.
  • Zombie Star Explodes Back to Life. NASA/CXC/Chinese Academy of Sciences/F.

What is the weirdest fact on Earth?

30 Craziest Facts About Planet Earth You Never Knew

  • Lakes Can Explode.
  • Earth Used to Be Purple.
  • 60 Tons of Cosmic Dust Fall to Earth Daily.
  • The Oceans Hold $771 Trillion Worth of Gold.
  • Earth Once Had Two Moons.
  • Earth Might Still Have Two Moons.
  • The Greatest Vertical Drop Is in Canada.

What is the strangest thing ever found?

Here are 7 of the strangest things that have been unearthed and discovered throughout history:

  1. A Ferrari.
  2. The Williams Enigmalith.
  3. A Cinema.
  4. The Betz Mystery Sphere.
  5. The Antikythera Mechanism.
  6. Boats Under San Francisco.
  7. The Baghdad Batteries.

What are some strange things we’ve found in space?

Here are just a few eccentric things we’ve found in space and some other things we lost along the way. There Is Alcohol In Space! A few giant clouds of alcohol have been found in the Milky Way and in areas surrounding star nurseries, the largest of which carries enough booze to make 400 trillion trillion pints of beer.

What are the weirdest things in the universe?

The universe is a weird place. Here’s a look at some of the strangest things in the cosmos. Like Superman’s alter-ego, Bizzaro, the particles making up normal matter also have opposite versions of themselves. An electron has a negative charge, for example, but its antimatter equivalent, the positron, is positive.

What is space junk and what can you do about it?

Space junk covers all sorts of things, such as items leftover from previous space missions, objects sent up into space from Earth and even some momentos that astronauts have left behind.

What kind of alcohol is there in space?

In addition to your old college friend ethanol, scientists have found equally large clouds of methyl and vinyl alcohol. Unfortunately, as with most cool things in space, these clouds are too far away for us to do anything fun with them.