What are the hair types of rats?

What are the hair types of rats?

Coat Types

  • Normal or Standard: Most common straight hair coat type.
  • Rex or Rexed: All the hair is curly; this includes the whiskers.
  • Satin or Silky: Have extra long soft, silky guard hairs.
  • Velveteen: Softer versions of Rex and satin/silky coats.
  • Harley: Long straight hairs.

What is a satin rat?

Satin rats are distinguished by their curled/wavy whiskers, darker/deeper looking color, and shinier/finer/longer coats. Standards that have straight whiskers that stick out from the head. As the coat comes in, the Satins will be darker/deeper in color compared to their same color siblings.

What are the different colors of rats?

Pet rats come in many different coat colors. The AFRMA recognizes 40 distinct colors, including beige, champagne, chocolate, platinum, black-eyed white, pink-eyed white, silver black, silver lilac, hooded, Dalmatian, and many more. Eye colors include black, dark ruby, ruby, light ruby, red, and pink.

What is a roan rat?

Roans are born solid coloured, but from the age of about 4-6 weeks they start to exhibit roaning. This is a steady increase in the number of white hairs intermingled with the solid colour, starting with the face, sides and tail root on the juvenile, then working its way up to the nape of the neck with the moult.

What is the best type of pet rat?

Many believe Dumbo rats to be friendlier than other types of rats. (Dumbo rats’ ears are on the sides of their head rather than on top—similar to Walt Disney’s “Dumbo the Elephant”.) Burmese are also often considered to be very friendly.

What is a Harley coat rat?

Harley in the rat world is a long haired variety. The original ‘Harley’ as she was named, was discovered in 2002. She promptly gave birth to a litter of babies and it was presumed she had been impregnated by a sibling prior to being purchased. She gave birth to 5 babies, 4 of them inherited her long coat.

What is a Dumbo Rex rat?

A dumbo rat is a variation of the standard top eared Norway rat (rattus norvegicus). Dumbos are essentially standard rats who have a genetic mutation (dmbo) on chromosome 14, which affects a number of physical characteristics: Ear placement – ears are displaced from the top to the side of the head.

What is Silvermane rat?

Silvermane is a coat type caused by a dominant gene. It has a silver appearance that is caused by the end of the hair shafts being translucent/empty. Silvermane also causes a dark mask on the muzzle.

What are all the species of pet rats?

The 7 Types of Pet Rat Breeds

  • Standard Rat.
  • Rex Rat.
  • Manx Rat.
  • Sphynx Rat.
  • Satin Rat.
  • Dumbo Rat.
  • Bristle Coat Rat.
  • Topaz.

What breed is rat Badboyhalo’s dog?

I’m a Maltese!

What is a Tonkinese rat?

Siamese Sable is also sometimes called Tonkinese. These are not to be confused with the Sable Siamese which is a variety found in South Africa. It is a dominant gene on the C Locus. They have ruby eyes like Siamese but can have black eyes with the Black Eyed (BE) gene.

What is the biggest breed of pet rat?

The 10 Largest Rats In The World

  • Red spiny rats can reach more than 8 inches in length.
  • Lesser bandicoot rats live across southern Asia.
  • Brown Rat.
  • Luzon giant cloud rats can reach 15 inches in size!
  • Gambian pouched rats are the second largest rat species in the world!
  • Bamboo rats are the largest rats in the world.

What kind of coat does a rat have?

The standard coat for a rat is short, soft, and smooth with a good sheen. Long guard hard (part of the rat’s sensory system in terms of touch) run throughout the coat over the shoulders, back and sides.

What is the difference between different types of rat?

Rats who differ from each other in terms of coat color, markings or coat type are referred to as different varieties. We might also say “different types of rat”, but this can be confusing because they are really all the same type of rat, just different colors.

What color eyes do pet rats have?

Eyes black. The color of a rat’s coat usually makes little or no difference to a pet rat, it’s just appealing to us to see a variety of colors. However, some colors do have noticeable effects on the rat. blue rats (not Russian blue) are often less robust in terms of immune system function.

What are the different types of dog coats?

Here are the basic dog coat types with a brief description & a real example of each one. Coat is long and matted giving the appearance of a mop or dreadlocks. Generally found in breeds of the north which endure cold temperatures. Double coated dogs have a thick, heavy topcoat with a shorter, finer undercoat.