What are the ranks in Indian Air Force?

What are the ranks in Indian Air Force?


  • Master Warrant Officer. (MWO)
  • Warrant Officer. (WO)
  • Junior Warrant Officer. (JWO)
  • Sergeant. (SGT)
  • Corporal. (CPL)
  • Leading Air Craftsman. (LAC)
  • Air Craftsman. (AC)

What are Air Force ranks in order?

Air Force Ranks: Airman (E-1 through E-4)

  • Airman (E-2)
  • Airman First Class (E-3)
  • Senior Airman (E-4)
  • Staff Sergeant (E-5)
  • Technical Sergeant (E-6)
  • Master Sergeant (E-7)
  • Senior Master Sergeant (E-8)
  • Chief Master Sergeant (E-9)

How many ranks are there in the Air Force?

Equivalent Ranks of Commissioned Officers in Army, Navy and Air Force

Air Force Army Navy
AVM Major General Rear Admiral
Air Commodore Brigadier Captain
Group Captain Colonel Captain
Wing Commander (S) Lieutenant Colonel (S) Commander (S)

Who is highest rank in Indian Air Force?

Marshal of the Air Force
Marshal of the Air Force is a five star Air Officer rank and the highest attainable rank in the Indian Air Force.

Is airmen a good job?

It’s best job for orphans and lazy fellows who don’t want to achieve any thing in their life can very well join this job. Ensure stay in that service without family . If you want to lead your life like slave you can choose this job your profession.

What is the lowest rank in Air Force?

Air Force officer ranks are divided into three sections: company grade, field grade and general officers. Company grade officers are those officers in grades O-1 to O-3, field grade officers are grades O-4 to O-6 and general officers are O-7 and above.

What rank is an Air Force pilot?

All pilots in the Air Force are officers. There are 10 officer grades (O-1 to O-10). The lowest officer grade outranks the highest enlisted grade (E-1 to E-9). Officer’s typically wear their rank on the shoulders of their uniforms.

What is the lowest Air Force rank?

Airman basic
Airman basic (AB) is the lowest enlisted rank in the United States Air Force immediately below airman. The pay grade for airman basic is E-1.

Who is junior in Air Force ranks?

The first rank of Junior Commissioned Officer is Assistant Warrant Officer and the pay scale is BPS-14. Its rank is equal to Naib Subedar and Chief Petty Officer. Note: Non-Commissioned officers can become Commissioned Officer after promotion.

Which is best army or Air Force?

Indian Air Force is most highly rated for Job security and advancement and Indian Army is most highly rated for Management….

Overall Rating
4.6 4.7
Work/life balance
4.3 4.4
Compensation and benefits

What is salary of airmen?

The Basic Pay for Air Force personnel under the 7th pay commission is given by the 6th pay commission’s consolidated pay (Basic Pay+ Grade Pay) * 2.5. Air Force Group X’s salary thus is Rs. 33,100 per month which makes the annual salary lie in the range of 4 lakh- 5 lakh.

What is the salary of Airman?

21,700 per month. Airmen also get Dearness Allowance which makes Air Force Group Y Salary that candidates receive equal to Rs. 40,000 – Rs. 45,000….Air Force Group Y Salary Structure.

Pay Level Pay matrix-3 (Rs. 21,700 to Rs. 57,500)
Military Service Pay Rs. 5200
Technical Qualification Pay Rs. 6200

What is the highest post in Indian Air Force?

Commissioned Officers of the IAF. Description – Marshal of the Air Force is the highest rank in the Indian Air Force which is an honorary war time rank.

  • Junior Commissioned Officers of the IAF.
  • Non-Commissioned Officers of the IAF.
  • A career in Air Force- Exams to clear and Entries.
  • Who is the highest ranking officer in the Air Force?

    The highest rank attainable in the Air Force is the five-star General of the Air Force. In 1944, Congress created the rank General of the Air Force. The only person to hold this rank was Henry H. Arnold.

    What are the different ranks in the Air Force?

    • In an army, there are different ranks for the officers such as Lieutenant General, Major General, Brigadier General, Colonel, Major, etc. • In an air force, there are different ranks for the officers such as Air Chief Marshal, Air Marshal, Major General, Air Commander, Wing Commander, etc.

    What is the rank of Indian Air Force in the world?

    IAF Officer Rank Structure | Ranks of the Indian Air Force Rank Flying Officer Flight Lieutenant Squadron Leader Wing Commander Group Captain Air Commodore Air Vice Marshal Air Marshal Air Chief Marshal