What colors were available on a 1969 Camaro SS?

What colors were available on a 1969 Camaro SS?

1969 Camaro Paint Codes

(912BB) 69 ~ Cortez Silver Silver 2059
(924FF) 71 ~ Le Mans Blue Bright Blue 2083
(927QQ) 72 ~ Hugger Orange (1) Orange 2084
(926PP) 76 ~ Daytona Yellow Yellow 2094

How much is a 1969 Camaro SS worth?

America’s other ponycar is high on the “gotta-have” list.

Expect To Pay
Year Model Low-High
1967-1969 V-8 convertible $3000-$28,000
1967-1969 Super Sport $2500-$77,000
1967-1969 Z/28 $8500-$221,000

What color blue was the 69 Camaro?

1969 saw Azure Turquoise. 1970-’72 was Mulsanne Blue, getting ever further away from the legendary Marina Blue.

What is the rarest 1969 Camaro?

Mark Hassett’s ’69 ZL1 Camaro Is The Rarest Of The Rare. There are many legendary automobiles that live up to the mythology that has been created by those who were there “back in the day.” Take for instance the 1969 ZL1 Camaro.

What were the original colors of the 1968 Camaro?

Exterior Color

1968 AA Tuxedo Black
1968 EE Fathom Blue
1968 FF Island Teal
1968 GG Ash Gold
1968 HH Grecian Green

How do you tell if a 1969 Camaro is a true SS?

A ’67 Camaro has a code on the trim tag for an SS and a late ’69 Camaro had an “X” code on the trim tag to identify some SS’s. The X11 code is the only exception to identifying a true ’69 SS Camaro because the code also means a plain Camaro.

What is the rarest Camaro?

These are the most extraordinary and rarest Camaros to have graced automotive culture since it first emerged in 1966.

  • 1967 Camaro – VIN #100001.
  • 1969 Camaro ZL1.
  • 1977 Camaro Z28.
  • 1987 Camaro IROC-Z 20th Anniversary Edition Convertible.
  • 1996 Camaro SS.
  • 2012 COPO Camaro Race Car.
  • 2014 Camaro Z/28 Nurburgring Test Car.

What colors did the 68 Camaro come in?

1968 Camaro Colors

  • Ash Gold.
  • Butternut Yellow.
  • Ermine White.
  • Fathom Blue.
  • Island Teal.

What is the best 69 Camaro?

1969 Camaro ZL1 Consensus throughout the auto industry dubbed the 1969 Camaro as the best of all time. This year, the COPO Camaro was started, designed for top performance. It was a true engineering marvel with a ZL1, L88 427 big block engine. This used aluminum to lower the weight and help achieve 430 horsepower.

How much did a 1969 Camaro SS cost new?

As pictured, the well-equipped Camaro would have priced at $3,428.55 ($2727.00 for the base V-8 coupe, $311.75 for the Z27 SS package, $131.65 for the Z22 Rally Sport package, $42.15 for the VE3 body color front bumper, $110.60 for the Z87 Custom Interior, $84.30 for the Parchment vinyl roof, and $21.10 for the wheel …

How do you tell if a 1969 Camaro is a true RS?

There are NO codes on 1968 and 1969 Camaros that will verify the RS option. Check our trim tag information for 1967 Camaros. Again there are NO codes on 1968 and 1969 Camaros to verify the RS option. Each first gen RS was a little different but they all had hideaway headlights.

What kind of car is a 1969 Chevy Camaro SS 396?

The 1969Chevrolet Camaro SS 396 represented the muscle car bloodline. This is oneof the few convertibles fitted with the top-drawer version of the 396-cid V-8. See more muscle car pictures. On occasion, Detroit comes up with a one-year wonder that strikes a chord with its audience.

What happened to the Chevy SS 396?

Chevy worked to improve the behavior of the big-block Camaro’s rear suspension. But the 396 had so much torque and put so many pounds over the nose — 59.3 percent of an SS 396’s weight was on the front axle — that the lightly loaded rear axle struggled to get the power down in hole shots.

What kind of interior does a 1969 Camaro have?

INTERIOR The 1969 Camaro cabin is best remembered for its houndstooth interior options, available in black, ivory, yellow, or orange. The only convertibles that could receive houndstooth upholstery were those also equipped as Pace Cars.

What is the difference between an SS350 and SS396 Camaro?

The entry SS350 was the L48 350ci/300hp small block, while an SS396 Camaro received four different big-block 396ci options. These were the L35/L34/L78/L89, which each was respectively rated at 325/350/375 horsepower.