What comes with club seats at AT stadium?

What comes with club seats at AT stadium?

AT Stadium Club Seating All club levels will provide access to private entrances, premium club lounges, upscale food and beverage options, plus wider and padded seats. The 100 level club seats, AKA The Hall of Fame are located along the sidelines.

What is club level AT stadium?

Features & Amenities The Main Level Club seats might have the best views at AT Stadium. These seats are located at an excellent elevation for a football game with each seat less than 35 rows from the field. Combine the elevation with an unobstructed sideline view, and it doesn’t get much better.

What is included in Club Hall of Fame AT stadium?

Hall of Fame Club tickets at AT Stadium are the ultimate seats for a Cowboys game. These seats given fans some of the best views and one of the most remarkable experiences in all of football. HOF Club sections include C106-C115 and C132-C139.

What are club level seats?

Club-level seating is normally bought on a contract basis to allow for maximum profit on the part of the venue. The club level provides fans with special access to an indoor part of the venue exclusive to fans with special tickets.

Does AT Stadium have handicap seating?

AT Stadium provides wheelchair and companion seating with enhanced sightlines on all levels. Be advised that AT Stadium personnel reserve the right to take appropriate legal action against individuals who fraudulently obtain wheelchair and companion seats.

Which side of AT Stadium is the home side?

south side
AT Stadium Information The south side of the field (Sections 109-112) is the home side and the north side (Sections 134-137) is the visitor’s sideline. The seat numbers in all sections of AT Stadium run right to left from the perspective of a seated fan looking at the field of play.

Does AT stadium have handicap seating?

What is the mezzanine level at AT stadium?

300 Level
The 300 Level at AT Stadium is also known as the Mezzanine Level. This includes corner sections but does not include the side sections are commonly referred to as Silver Level Seats. Mezzanine Level sections are a good alternative to for fans who want to avoid the higher ticket prices of club seats.

Where is Jerry Jones suite in AT Stadium?

Jerry Jones’ suite is in the Owner’s Club on the Hall of Fame level. AT Stadium will be hosting more than just the Cowboys this year. The Big 12 Football Championship has become one of the most exciting events you can see at AT Stadium.

What is the difference between club seating and luxury seating?

Club Seating vs Luxury Seating The main difference between the two is that club seating is open to the elements. Luxury seating includes a roof and usually insulated windows and doors to keep you away from the weather. Both seating options are premium compared to a regular ticket. You will pay more for a luxury ticket.

How many seats are in a row at AT Stadium?

Main and Club Main Level Sections have up to 40 seats per row. Hall of Fame & Club Hall of Fame sections have up to 33 seats per row. Mezzanine and Club Mezzanine level sections can have up to 43 seats per row. Upper concourse level sections have up to 29 seats per row.