What does dot color mean on Ping irons?

What does dot color mean on Ping irons?

The dot colors used to identify the lie angles, in order from the most flat to the most upright are gold, brown, orange, purple, red, black, blue, yellow, green, white, silver and maroon. The black dot signifies standard lies, neither upright nor flat, which are supposed to fit players of average size.

What do pings colored dots mean?

Ping color dots indicate the different angles of the club head. The dots do not indicate a particular style of club, as any line of irons is available in every color, but instead represent the angle of the club heads to the standard shaft angle.

How do I know the color of my ping dot?

Which Ping Dot colour are you?

  1. Find your height in the top bar. E.g. 6’3 = ½ inch longer than “standard”.
  2. Measure the distance from your wrist to the floor. E.g. 35 Inches.
  3. Intersect the two measurements to find your colour dot.
  4. If your measurements fall between two colours, then ball flight comes into play.

What is the green dot on PING clubs?

PING Dot Colours

PING Dot Colours – Lie Angles
Dot Colour Height measurement Wrist to floor measurement
Green Dot 2.25° upright 5’9″ to 6’6″ 35″ to 36¾”
Yellow Dot 1.5° upright 5’6″ to 6’4″ 34½” to 36″
Blue Dot 0.75° upright 5’4″ to 6’2½” 33¾” to 35¼”

What lie angle should my irons be?

The standard lie angle of drivers and woods is in the range between 56 and 60 degrees, hybrid / rescue clubs between 58 and 62 degrees, irons between 61 and 64 degrees. For wedges it is nearly always 63 or 64 degrees.

How much difference does lie angle make?

On average, lie angle made a noticeable different for our testers. Comparing their best fit to their worst fit, our testers gained an average of 17.6 yards of total distance (median 17.8).

Is Ping Eye 2 legal?

It has to do with facts. The fact is this is not cheating. The Ping Eye 2 clubs (irons and wedges) were grandfathered for life as part of a settlement in 1993 of a suit Ping filed against the USGA. In short, any Ping Eye 2 manufactured prior to March 31, 1990, is within the rules as long as the USGA governs the game.

What is lie angle in golf?

The lie angle is a static measurement that is formed between the center of the shaft and the sole of the clubhead when the club is measured in normal playing position with the center of the sole touching the ground line.

What do the dots on the Ping colour code chart mean?

Color dots represent the relative lie angle (that the heel of the golf club makes with the ground) and length of the shaft of the Ping iron. Every Pro golfer gets his Ping static iron recommendation verified by a professional fitter with the help of the Ping Colour Code Chart.

What is the difference between Ping’s standard iron colors?

However, sometime between mid-2015 and 2017, after doing further research Ping has discovered that more golfers fit into a bit more of an upright lie angle and now blue dot or yellow dot iron sets have become the new Ping standard dot color, and are typically what more golf retailers keep in stock as opposed to only black dot Ping iron sets.

What year did Ping introduce the color coding system?

Ping Moments in History 1972 PING introduces the Color Coding System. This system distinguishes the lie angle of the club with a colored dot in the cavity.

How to measure Ping of a golfer?

To calculate the color of the ping the height of the golfer is taken from the top of the chart then the distance of the wrist-to-ground is located on the chart. Finally, the color band where both of the measurements appear to meet is chosen as the probable color of the dot. The last step of the iron fitting process is the dynamic swing test.