What does Guercif stand for?

What does Guercif stand for?

Guercif ( Berber: Gersif, ⴳⴻⵔⵙⵉⴼ; Arabic: گرسيف، جرسيف) is a town and municipality in Guercif Province, Oriental, Morocco. It is the province’s capital. According to the 2014 census the municipality had a population of 90,880 people living in 18,779 households.

What is the football team of Guercif called?

The city of Guercif is represented by the Hassania Guercif football team (HG) and practiced in the amateur division. The handball team is considered one of the strongest clubs in Morocco in recent years. Allal bin Abdullah was born in the city of Guercif, in the Hawara tribe of Rahu.

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What is the Guercif licence?

The Guercif Licence (“Guercif”) is located onshore Morocco and comprises four Exploration Permits, I, II, III and IV. It covers an area of 7,269 km² and lies approximately 250 kilometres due east of and on trend with the Rharb Basin where shallow gas production has been established by SDX Energy Plc for several years.

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What is predpredator’s Guercif licence?

Predator has a 75% interest in the Guercif Licence together with its partner ONHYM, the State oil company. This opens in a new window. The Guercif Licence (“Guercif”) is located onshore Morocco and comprises four Exploration Permits, I, II, III and IV.