What does lewd mean?

What does lewd mean?

Definition of lewd 1a : obscene, vulgar lewd remarks. b : sexually unchaste or licentious (see licentious sense 1) lewd behavior. 2 obsolete : evil, wicked. Other Words from lewd Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About lewd.

What does lewd content mean?

Lewd remarks are sexually inappropriate. Lewd has to do with sexual behavior or remarks that are highly inappropriate or obscene, often because of what’s done or said is in public or to someone who does not want that kind of attention.

What is lewd example?

The definition of lewd is offensive sexual behavior. An example of lewd is an old man at a county fair leering at young girls. adjective. Lascivious, sexually promiscuous, rude.

What is considered lewd behavior?

Lewd and lascivious behavior is a legal term that refers to offensive sexual conduct. Generally, lewd conduct involves touching the genitals, buttocks, or breasts of a female in a sexual way. Sexual touching done in public and witnessed by another person who might be offended is considered lewd conduct.

What does PPV stand for?


Can you touch your genitals in public?

Penal Code 647a PC is the California statute that prohibits lewd conduct in public. This means to touch your own or another person’s genitals, buttocks, or a female breast, for sexual gratification, when you know or should know there are people present who would be offended by it.

Is kissing considered lewd?

The level of sexual contact required, if any, varies by state. The exposure of private body parts, known as “flashing” or exhibitionism, also constitutes lewd behavior under many state statutes. But merely kissing in public probably does not.

What is the opposite of lewdness?

▲ Opposite of the property of being lewd. continency. decency. good.

What is the meaning of lewd?

: involving or being sexual conduct that is considered indecent or offensive : licentious convicted of lewd and lascivious assault upon a child — National Law Journal Other Words from lewd

What exactly is dancing?

B. What Is Dancing? According to Merriam-Webster, the noun and verb forms of “dance” are “a series of rhythmic and patterned bodily movements usually performed to music; to move or seem to move up and down or about in a quick or lively manner.”   That covers a pretty broad range of activities.

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What is the synonym of bawdy?

Synonyms bawdy, blue, coarse, crude, dirty, filthy, foul, gross, gutter, impure, indecent, lascivious, locker-room, nasty, obscene, pornographic, porny, profane, raunchy, ribald, smutty, stag, trashy, unprintable, vulgar, wanton, X-rated